Niam Horayne (Ship name for Niall Horan and Liam Payne)

Niall has a secret crush on Liam. Liam dosent know. At the start only Louis knows about the whole situation. The management find a one off diary that niall wrote, and in it, it said about him maybe having a crush on Liam. They ammidiatly put Liam together with Danielle (Dani) and when Dani proposes to Liam things go terrebly wrong for Niall


1. Chapter one

Nialls POV

"Hey Niall, Miley's thowing a party, you coming?Ariana, taylor, demi, selena, JUSTIN, and me, the boys and a few other people" Louis said. "OMG im going if Justin Biebers gonna be there!" I said, fan boying over Justin Bieber. "Haha. Oh and El perrie and Danielle (Dani) are gonna be there" I wasn't as happy as when he said that Dani was gonna be there, and turned away. I hate management! i once wrote a one off diary, which may have said that I thought Liam was cute, and that I might have developed feelings for him. As soon as they read it, they told me. AND GUESS WHAT??? They set Liam up with Dani. I have no hate towards her, shes really sweet to Liam. " Yes Im coming, but Im staying WELL away from Danielle!" I said to louis. He knows about the whole Liam situation, but Liam and the other lads don't know. THANK GOD! I wouldent even be able to stand in the same building as Liam, let alone the same room, if he knew. I don't know how the hell we would be able to do concerts and signings, even rehersing. 

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