The diary of an Evaccuee

The story of an evacuee in the second world war.


2. On the train


We were at the station and we could see the steam train.  The rest of the school was there and I had my suitcase by my side. I was ready to get on and ready for the start of a new life.  When I was about to step on, I looked back and Mum was hiding her tears.  I boarded the train and started looking for a seat.  I found one and felt the train start.  I knew the journey was long, so I dozed off for a while. When I woke up, the sky was a beautiful blue. Out of the window I saw some sheep and cows on a massive field.  The sheep looked so fluffy and I wanted to cuddle one!  The cows were giant, some as big as a car!  I gazed for ages at the amazing animals.  Suddenly, the train stopped!  I was terrified because we were not at the station yet!  I looked out of the window and saw some cows on the track!  Then I saw a person who looked like a farmer driving the cows away.  The train suddenly started up again and we were soon at the station.  
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