The diary of an Evaccuee

The story of an evacuee in the second world war.


3. A new life begins


At the station, there were a few people waiting, maybe waiting for me.  When the train stopped, we got off to meet these new people.  I suddenly thought about my Mum and Dad, and I felt bad inside.  More people arrived at the station and started taking my classmates away.  The horrid boy in our class, Jim, got taken away by a rather mean-looking lady. When everyone else was gone, I was worried no-one was coming for me. A while later, a farmer came to the station.  I recognised him as the fellow who had moved the cows off the track.  He came up to me and asked if I would like to come with him.  I nodded my head and he smiled kindly. At the farm, there was a kitchen with a table, chairs and some stairs.  “Upstairs is your bed “ said the farmer.  “By the way, call me Andrew.”  So here I am, on my bed at my new home. Good night Diary.   
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