The Black Notebook

A collection of diary entries, poems, and notes.


1. dream

hey, i had a dream last night. if you don't mind, i'd like you to help me discern it.

  well, the second part of the dream i feel i understand, because it is the continuation of an old dream.   remember the dream of the black dog following me?   last night, i dreamt that i had moved to the city, and had gotten this new apartment. it was someone else's old apartment, but i guess i was going to sublet it or something. i felt kind of excited about it because it was near an art school and i was going to take art classes. but along with the apartment there was a big dog that came with the place. the dog was chained up near the bed to like a radiator or something. i didn't actually see what it was chained to, but i'm just giving you a mental picture. anyway, the dog wasn't black this time, but more of a german shepherd. and this time, it wasn't scary and trying to bite me, but more like friendly and it was my pet now.    when i woke up, the dog was biting my hand. i felt scared at first, but then i realized the reason it was biting me was because i forgot it was my pet. and i forgot to feed it..     the first part of my dream is more confusing and less symbolic.   i'm back at my parents' house. it's going to rain, and for some reason, i'm trying to cover this one part of the yard with a blanket. the blanket is specifically this old silky type of blanket that used to be my family's favorite blanket. it's really warm and cool at the same time because it is real silk and golden orange and kind of worn and old but still the best blanket.   anyway, i'm trying to cover this one part of the grass with this blanket, but i can't seem to decide where to put it. there is also this like, vaseline-type of substance. i may have dreamt that because my hands are so dry that i have been using vaseline before i sleep, but anyway, the goo was on the grass, but i knew that the rain would help something in the goo, or trapped in the goo, grow and it would be good. but then i realized, i didn't want the blanket to get wet from the rain. so i took the blanket and went in the garage and hung it up. soon, i was hanging up all these wet towels on a clothesline inside my garage.    after that, i went into the driveway and started playing basketball. i wasn't wearing a shirt and i was annoyed because i didn't want to have my shirt off, but there was nothing i could do. also, the ball wouldn't bounce and i could only make shots by aiming really close and carefully, and it wasn't fun and it felt frustrating. the ball went into the street a few times and i had to chase it. i didnt want my neighbors to see me with my shirt off. and then the second part which i had written above occurred.   i think i know what the dream means. but i was wondering what your take on it was, if you don't mind.
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