The Black Notebook

A collection of diary entries, poems, and notes.


2. 2001

Summer starts this way when you start running through the night 

summer nights and then on your rooftop staring up at the moonlight 

the night sky and laying on your back and watching movies from the 80’s 

and in there’s some kind of hint of love or what love should be. 


Should’ve been this childhood adolescence so depressing 

when you just walk the streets at night with your old blind dog 

and watch the snow falling and the breath that gets blown 

can’t get you any closer to where you belong. The distant places 


in the future and all the lands you’ll travel one day but still here 

waiting on the wish of a green leaf folding it into a gift to give 

to the one you love. The girl of summer, the girl of autumn, 

find that one who completes this being and the night and the fall 


and in front of the T.V and under the summer nights wet, screaming

and the hoodies and the cigarettes shared in the afternoon walking up 

and the sunset and the sakura falling and the lucky cigarette.

It’s my last one. Share it.  Make a wish and we’ll share them all.


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