He's my kriptonite <3

Cassidy is a normal 15 year old who loves school. Her dad gets a promotion in England to work for the British X factor makeup artist… Cassidy's live is about to change when she meets 5 boys for the first time


1. Life of A Normal Teen

-Cassidy's POV- *beep, beep, beep* I woke up to my dumb alarm clock, i groaned and slapped it to turn off. My sister almost fell off the top bunk on to my scrawny legs. "Whyyyyy schoool?" i moaned. my sister mocked me, "whyyy schoool?" I wish i could slap her sometimes. i got out of bed slowly and got dressed into some pants with stitch detailing and paired with a striped shirt, oh how it reminded me of fetus Louis Tomlinson. "Why are you dressed like a stupid nerd?" Lizzie, My annoying sister asked me "I like this outfit" I said very quietly, She walked off before i could tell her what happened to her best friend. 'She doesn't need to know anyways'



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