Everything has changed (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

JJ Parkers is a average dance loving girl in London. She has a great life, her friend, her family, her life seem perfect, her father did died 4 years ago though. But when a certain dangerous boy, Harry Styles, forse him self in her life everything changes. How will she deal with this?

Fights will break out, tears will spill, and love will show.
And what will happen between Jenna and Harry?

You have to read to find out ;)



Okay, I commented on a couple of comment saying that I don't write this story any more. but I decided just to start the story all over again. There are ALOT of changes, so I apologize for any confused parts or something like that.


Here are a couple of changes.


Her name is JJ now.

Harry wasn't covered in blood when she saw him for the first time. (You will find out how they met)

She has a best friend called Brian, but Pam is still in this story.

JJ dances.

JJ is more confident than she was before.

JJ has a dad who works almost all the time.

JJ is really close with her mum.



I know there are more changes, but I will keep on putting the difference between this story and the other one. But these changes are more important then the other changes, so don't get confused.

Just ask if you wanna know something (:

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