Everything has changed (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

JJ Parkers is a average dance loving girl in London. She has a great life, her friend, her family, her life seem perfect, her father did died 4 years ago though. But when a certain dangerous boy, Harry Styles, forse him self in her life everything changes. How will she deal with this?

Fights will break out, tears will spill, and love will show.
And what will happen between Jenna and Harry?

You have to read to find out ;)


4. GOAL !

700 reads, 20 likes and 20 comment.


You're allowed to hate me, but I already have 660 reads and I only need 40 reads so it's not much right? And it only takes 2 seconds to like this story and I only need 9 comment so yeah..


I just want to know what you guys think of my story please :)


And even if it would take a year to reach my goal, I will wait. And once I reach it, it will update instantally PROMISE!


Cheerios x

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