Everything has changed (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

JJ Parkers is a average dance loving girl in London. She has a great life, her friend, her family, her life seem perfect, her father did died 4 years ago though. But when a certain dangerous boy, Harry Styles, forse him self in her life everything changes. How will she deal with this?

Fights will break out, tears will spill, and love will show.
And what will happen between Jenna and Harry?

You have to read to find out ;)


5. Chapter 3.

Damn that stupid goal, I miss writing. So here's chapter 3 you guys, enjoy.


JJ's P.O.V.

"Okay? 1, 2, 3, 4!" We threw our hand in the air and screamed our 'Yeah's' and Let do this'', we joined each other in a big group hug. 'Ow, you're pulling my hair.' 'Omg, get of my toe, big foot.' 'Let me out of here.' 'Get your elbow out of my boob.' 'I swear, if you're gonna do that again, I'm gonna make sure you can't have babies any more, Brian!'

Everyone became quiet and we all looked at Noah and Brian. Noah raised her eyebrow at everyone, but turned her head and gave Brian the evils. She took a threatening step forward but he remained still. He smirked and tilted his head a little to the side. "What are you gonna do Noah-poo, I need everything for the dance competition, you can't hurt me." 


"Someone get me some popcorn."I heard someone say out of our group.


"You don't need your nipple." Brian mouth fell open a little, but he made an inhuman sound when she grabbed his nipple through his rather thin shirt. She turn her fingers a little and pulled it. Some of the girl in our group made an 'ooh' sound, it looked rather painful if I say myself.

"Don.'t. Ever. Touch. My. Butt again! Understand?" She pulled a little harder and he nodded quickly. "Yesyesyesyes, now please let me go."He did this weird thing with his arms like he was some weird bird with a handicap. 

She let him go and took a couple of steps backward, she turned around and started talking with her friends who could barely cover up their laughter.


"Well that was entertaining." I laughed at Brian who was rubbing his nipple. "She loves me, she just doesn't want to admit it." I rolled me eyes. "Of course, whatever."


"STAND READY! You're up in 10!" We all moved a little to stand behind the big red curtain. I heard the presenter announce us making me more and more nervous. I shaked my shoulder a bit and took a deep breath. 

"Hey." A hand on my shoulder made me turn around. Brian was looking at me with a small smile on his face. "You will do great, relax." I nodded and gave him a grateful smile, it made me feel a bit better. Not completely, but a bit.

The curtain started to open slowly and the music got louder and louder. I took one last big breath and we stepped on the podium. 'I can do this' I though 'just pretend like your dancing in front your mum, like he first time.

I let myself drag in the music and the steps went exactly how they're supposed to be. The beautiful voice of Ron Pope filled the big building. The dance steps were full of passion and slow, just like the song. The music was relaxing and my nerves started to fade away.


Before I knew it, the song came to an end and Brian and I walked away from each other just like we practised. The whole audience stood up and gave a standing ovation. I stood there with a goofy smile on my face who couldn't go any wider.

We grabbed each other hands and bowed for the audience and the judges. We walked off the stage and first it was really quiet and no one said anything. We looked at each other and started squealing and jumping like the girl that we are.

Someone grabbed me by my elbow and pulled me away from the girls. When I looked at the person's back, I saw that is was Brian who was pulling me with  him. When we stopped walking, he turned around with an amused expression on his face.

He rolled his eyes and chuckled. "You're such a girl sometime." I raised my eyebrow at him and punched his shoulder. "If you haven't notice, I am a girl." 

"Really? I haven't notice." He teased. "Seriously, did you overlooked my boobs or something? Because if you did, I can show you that I don't have balls." He started laughing, he clutched his stomach and bend over a little. I'm such a fucking comedian.

I folded my arms and raised an eyebrow and waited for him to be done. 

When he was, I chuckled at his red face and wiped the little tear of his face. "You're something JJ."

"Thanks, I guess.. I hope not in a bad way."

"In a good way, I promise. You're fantastic." Okay, where did that come from?

"I wan to try something, but don't get mad." I swear if he's gonna touch me, I'm making sure he will regret it for the rest of his childless life. "Depends what it is." I said a little nervous. 

"Just... Just hold still for a moment." He grabbed my shoulder and my eyes widened when I noticed he started leaning in. I saw his eyes flicker to my lips and then to my eyes again, he bit his lip and leaned in with a faster speed. I felt his hot breath on my face and saw his eyes staring deeply in mine. He slowly grabbed my face and pulled me towards him. 

I didn't pull away, I didn't say anything, I didn't mind either. But before our lips could touch, someone called my name.


"JJ!" I turned around, almost knocking my head against Brian's. I heard him sigh and saw that he ran his hand through his hair. "Mum!" I screamed when I saw the small, brown haired lady running toward me. She pulled me in a hug and I removed the hand that I  had on Brian's chest, which I just noticed now... Awkward?

"You did great, honey." She muffled in my hair. "Thank you." I opened my eyes to look over her shoulder, cause I'm sure she won't let go for a while. Is Brian gone yet? I looked around a bit and fell someone looking at me. My gaze went to the right and saw some curly haired boy sitting in one of those shabby, old chairs. He took a big swig of his drink that looks a lot like beer in a bottle that was made for water. He winked at me before standing up and walked away.


My mum pulled away and looked me in the eye. "I have to go to the bathroom, meet you at the car." I nodded and she walked... Waggled away. I turned around with blushing cheeks and looked up at Brian who was scratching his neck. "I- eh.. Hi?" I looked at him in confusion but saw that his gaze was behind me. I turned around and saw the boy who was staring at me when I was hugging my mum. 

"Can I talk to this pretty girl here?" I took a step backwards and bumped into Brian and he protectively wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him. "Who are you?"

"What's it up to you?" Curly asked. "I just want a little talk with this lady here... What's your name hon?" He stroked my cheek but I slapped it away. "I don't care about your so why should you care about mine?" I asked rudely. He raised his eyebrow and chuckled before looking down and ruffling his hair. 

He looked dramatically at his wrist like he's watching the time on his non-existent watch. "I have to go, I will see you some time." 

"No you won't." Brian spook up. "Stay the fuck away from her and get back to your mental hospital." 

"You should watch your words, Willie." Curly said and I softly chuckled, I didn't meant to but with his British accent it sound pretty funny. Not that I don't have an accent. but his' is more evident than mine. Curly's chest was barely in my face but I saw him looking down at me with a smirk on his face. "Willie." I repeated softly and chuckled again. Brian gave me a soft tap on me hip, telling me to stop laughing, but I couldn't help it. Curly is a tough and muscular guy with a lot of tattoos and he says Willie as insult.

My eyes widened when I remembered that my mum's waiting for me at the car. "Shit Brian, my mum's still waiting!" I struggled out of his grip and ran away from both those guys. I looked behind me and saw them still standing across each others giving each other daggers. I rolled my eyes, guys... 





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