Everything has changed (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

JJ Parkers is a average dance loving girl in London. She has a great life, her friend, her family, her life seem perfect, her father did died 4 years ago though. But when a certain dangerous boy, Harry Styles, forse him self in her life everything changes. How will she deal with this?

Fights will break out, tears will spill, and love will show.
And what will happen between Jenna and Harry?

You have to read to find out ;)


3. Chapter 2.

JJ's P.O.V.

My music is blastin' through my headphones while walking on the streets, I softly hummed along with the music of Evanescene while doing little dance passes. I probably look like a moron but I didn't care, everytime I hear music I dance along with it, it goes automatically to be honest.


A few minutes later, I saw my house in sight and let out a sigh of relief. I never was a fan of the dark, it's so..... Dark and scary, let me be okay?!


I walked a little faster and finally arived at my house. I knocked on the door, waiting for it to open so I could take a shower, I smell terrible! "Hi mum." I said when she opened the door. "Hey honey." She put her hands on the back of my neck and gave me a kiss on my forhead and gently pulled me inside. "How was dance?" I hang up my coat on our cout track and turned around to face my mother. I shrugged. "It was okay I guess, I'm exhausted though." I let out a big sigh. I kicked of my shoes and dropped my jacket somewhere near the peg. I walked to the livingroom and let myself fall on the couch.


"Why don't you go shower and when you're done, there'll be a hot cup of tea standing ready for you, sounds good?" My mum asked, I nodded my head, while my face was pressed in the small, bright pink pillow. I jumped on my feet with the energy I have left and said a quick thank you before speeding upstairs.



I stripped off my clothes and turned on the water of the shower. Not long after, the whole shower was steamy and I stepped in. I let the warm water glide over my naked body, I felt my muscles relax and I smiled to myself before closing my eyes.


After I was done with showering, I jumped out of the shower and rushed to my room with the towel around me and goosbump covering my body. I grabbed the nearest pajamas I could find, and grabbed clean underwear and warm sucks, I couldn't resist, they're just so comfy. I threw it on quickly and went downstairs again.


When I came downstairs I saw, like my mum promised, a hot cup of tea standing on the table. You could see the steam appear out of the cup and dissapear if it continued going higher and higher. My mum's sitting on the couch and when she noticed me, she smiled softly at me and patted the empty place next to her. I walked to the couch and sat down. I put my head on mum's shoulder and closed my eyes. "You can drink already, it's not hot anymore." By the voice of my mum, I opened my eyes and grabbed my tea. I said a quick 'thank you' and took a small sip before putting it down again.


My mum and I were watching TV for 2 hours now and it's getting boring. Like my mum readed my mind, she grabbed the remote and turned the TV off. "So what do want to do now?" My mother asked all happy and smiley. I turned a at our digital clock standing next to the TV. 23:28. "I think I'm going to bed mum......" Her smiled faded and she nodded understandable.



You propably think 'Hey JJ, where's your dad?' Or not, I'm still gonna tell you so you don't think wrong things. Well you see, my dad is constantly working and for his job he has to go to other countries all over the world, so we barely see or talk to him because he's so busy. And because all of that, I'm the only one my mum has. I try to spend as much time I can with my mum. But because of school, dancing, homework and tutoring 2 people, I'm really tired at the end of the day, but ofcourse I still want to spend time with her, but most of the time I fall asleep after an hour of talking and eating. And the day after that, I wake up in my bed.


That''s what I like about my mum, she's a mother to me  but also my best friend. I can trust her with things I never told anyone else, we're always with each other if we have the time and even after the worst days, she managed to get me to laugh again.


"I'm sorry mum, but I have a dance performance tomorrow and I really need to rest." She nodded and smiled sadly. "It's okay honey, I understand." I gave her a hug and a kiss on her cheek before going upstairs into my room, feeling bad for my mum. My dad can atleast give a call, it's not that hard to do!


I jumped in my bed and turn of the lights, I slowly fell asleep thinking about tomorrow and my mum.




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