Everything has changed (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

JJ Parkers is a average dance loving girl in London. She has a great life, her friend, her family, her life seem perfect, her father did died 4 years ago though. But when a certain dangerous boy, Harry Styles, forse him self in her life everything changes. How will she deal with this?

Fights will break out, tears will spill, and love will show.
And what will happen between Jenna and Harry?

You have to read to find out ;)


1. Chapter 1.

JJ's P.O.V.


"And one, two, three, and one, two, three, and one, two, thr- NO, no, no, no, no, you guys are doing it all wrong." My dance teacher, Marta, sighed. "Okay, take five people!" She clapped her  hands and everyone went to their bags for a gulp of water.... Or two, or maybe the whole bottle, whatever.

You see, tomorrow we have a huge dance performance and we've been practicing non stop since we heard about it, it's exhausting. But it's a pretty big thing for me and all the tickets are already sold out. There's a lot of pressure and Marta screaming we're doing everything wrong is't helping either..


"And here we go again ladies, stand on your place!" Everyone couched and Marta rolled her eyes. "And Brian, sorry." She looked around, kind of asking ' Happy now?' Everyone nodded and I walked to the front next to Brian, we're kind of the main-players in thing. Great, more pressure.


I looked at Brian, looking if he's ready. Brian is a rather tall and good looking guy with messy, long brown hair and brown/grey eyes. He's really muscled and has a six-pack, and I can know because he kind of has an addiction to pull his shirt off at dance practices. At first he's really cocky and really confident about his appearance, but once you got to know him, he's a really sweet and funny guy. Or you just get used to it, I don't know, depends if he likes you or not.


The music started to play and you could heard Life Without You by Stanfour and Esmee Denters blasting through the boxes. We started to sway and dance around the room while the song kept playing, of course.


The song came almost to it end and we did the last couple of steps, while Marta was clapping like a retard on the beat of the music. She's frowning, concentrating and watching every step we made.


Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.


The voice of Esmee Denters is drumming through the speakers in the ballroom, at the end, Brian and I walked away from each other and that's when it ended.

Marta clapped, showing of her hyper self. "That was per-fect!" I smiled and let out a small thank you before walking to my bag and drinking my whole bottle of water. "Damn." I cursed when I noticed I just slurped out the last drop out of my bottle. I looked around and saw Brian next to me drinking his water.


"Briaaaaaan?" I asked blinking my eyes lashed really quick and gave him the best Bambi I can. He looked at me in horror and took a step back. "What do you want?" He asked, taking another step backwards while I came closer. I wiped my index finger slowly down his arm and looked at him through my eyelashes.


"Can I have a sip of your drink? Just a tiny bit?" I said in a baby voice, pressing my thumb and index finger against each other and squeezing my eyes a bit.


He rolled his eyes and gave me his bottle. I clapped my hand before taking the bottle out of his hand. I turned the cap of and took huge gulp out of it. His eyes widened and tried to grab the bottle, I turned around and tried to run away with his bottle, shame that he managed to grab it. I'm still thirsty. "That wasn't small." He said with still big eyes. "Not at all!" I bit my lip trying to stop myself for laughing. But when I kept looking at his shocked face I couldn't hold it any longer and burst in laughing.


I'm standing in front of him laughing clapping like a girl who just lost her brains, I'm starting to look like Marta. "L-l-look at y-your face!" I managed to get out, it is really hard to hard to talk while laughing you know. He chuckled but ended with laughing with me.


When we finally stopped, we were both out of breath and our faces were red. I looked at the clock above the huge mirror against the wall. 19:39. "I've got to go, bro.. Aha, see what I did there, it rhymed." He chuckled. "You're a crazy mofo, little sis. I see you tomorrow." He smiled and gave me a hug. I know what you guy are thinking, but no, we're not dating. And I'm not his sister, he just likes to call me that.


We said our last goodbyes and we both went to the dressing rooms to change back in our regular clothes.


Tomorrow is the big day.



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