The Light

Elena keeps having strange dreams about a dark forest and a bright light, but what do they mean. And when she starts developing strange powers, she realizes the world is not the safe place she grew to know and love. Her Mother will do anything to keep her and the love of her life Dan apart. What does it all mean?

BTW:This didn't mean to be an Phanfic but has kind of turned into one! This was previously 'Sparks' but I changed it because I didn't like it however I have just altered the chapters to this new story line so quite a few chapters are the same.

P.S. This does have some swearing in.

Enjoy xxx


4. What The Hell

It was a warm summer evening with not a cloud in the sky so you could see all the stars twinkling like Dan's eyes. He was wearing his favorite T-shirt (the black one with the white circle) and a pair of black skinny jeans- which to be honest, probably took him 5 minutes to put together. Unlike me who was wearing a black high-low skirt with an Muse top on (they were our favorite band) and gladiator sandals that went up to my knees- which had took me hours to look perfect, sexy but not too sexy, boho but not messy, girly but definitely not too girly! ( except it says music instead of Muse)


We were going to see the Avengers at the small cinema in town (about the only thing worth doing in this dump!) and were just having a quick drink before we went in (Phil, Dan's 22 year old best friend, had bought them and Dan had nicked a few- BTW Dan and Phil share an apartment).


During the film it was hilarious- Dan made the move!!!!! Lol! He actually pretended to yawn and put his arm around me! And then we snuggled and kissed so then this old lady who lives across road from me, i think she's called Joyce, told us off 'cos we were blocking her view. But we stopped because if she tell my parents then i'm dead- you see we don't exactly see eye to eye. For example- they think Dan is a bad influence, that i shouldn't see him and that i'm not allowed to date older guys! As you can probably guess I always respect my parents decisions and follow their rules- NOT!


When we were leaving the cinema I noticed that there was a faint white glow coming off my hands, like in my dream only subtler. I stopped and pulled Dan into a dark alley, he started snogging me-

"No, Dan I didn't pull you here for that!"

"Oh?! What else would you pull me into a dark alley for?!" He had a hint of disappointment in his eyes. Then noticed the glow (which had expanded and grown in a mere few seconds) coming from my hands.

"What The F*CK?!" Then on closer inspection "Woah, I always said you had a bright personality."

He held my hands in his then quickly pulled away uttering some swears under his breath.

"SH!T that burns!" It must be hot, "How long has this been happening?"

"It literally just started  a second before I pulled you here."

"Well I think we should take this opportunity- I mean how many times are we going to be alone in an ally together?"

"For sur-" And then he pulled me into a passionate embrace and kissed for what seemed like hours but was probably just mere minutes. He stroked my hair and pushed me closer to the cold brick wall, I have to go on my tip-toes to reach his mouth so he pulls me up towards him and then....

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING WITH MY DAUGHTER!?!?!?!" My Mother screamed at the top of her voice.

"SH!T!" Me and Dan said in unison.

"GET YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF HER IMMEDIATELY!" Dan quickly but gently put me on the ground and stepped back.

"Darling, we've been looking all over for you it's almost 10:30!"

"Mum, seriously i'm 16 not 12- I should at least have some freedom- i'm not your little girl anymore." I grabbed Dan's hand (he had been stood in the corner trying to hide from my Mother) and was thankful that the light had stopped, I then pushed my way past my Mother and stormed of into the night.

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