The Light

Elena keeps having strange dreams about a dark forest and a bright light, but what do they mean. And when she starts developing strange powers, she realizes the world is not the safe place she grew to know and love. Her Mother will do anything to keep her and the love of her life Dan apart. What does it all mean?

BTW:This didn't mean to be an Phanfic but has kind of turned into one! This was previously 'Sparks' but I changed it because I didn't like it however I have just altered the chapters to this new story line so quite a few chapters are the same.

P.S. This does have some swearing in.

Enjoy xxx


6. The Morning After

If woke up after a long and tiring night-

"Where am I?" "Owww" I have a banging headache and then I remembered.

Then Dan walked in carrying a tray stacked of waffles- "Good Morning Sunshine." He said smiling then kissed me gently on the lips. We dug into the waffles, it was Saturday morning with Dan and waffles- what could be better. 

"Do you have any Aspirin? I think that beer went straight to my head, 'cos my head kills."

"Umm, I think so, i'll check." he walked into the hallway "PHIL DO WE HAVE ANY ASPIRIN?"

"YES!" Phil walked into the kitchen with a messy bedhead, Annabel not far behind. They came in and handed the small white pills to me which I swallowed with my orange juice. I got changed into my clothes from yesterday, washed my face and reapplied my makeup (I would have brushed my teeth but obviously I didn't plan to stay over).


Dan drove me home, much to my Mother's disapproval and gave me a big goodbye kiss, which made her go purple. When he left I went inside only to hear my Mother lecture me about her feelings on me dating Dan. So I stormed upstairs, locked my bedroom door and went on Facebook. Viola was online - BTW Viola was Phil's baby sister, she had changed her profile pic to her, me, Dan, Phil, Anna (Annabel) and Troy (Viola's boyfriend).

Me: "Hi wuu2"

Viola: "Nothing much jc wat bout u?"

Me: "Same except my Mother is in a rite mood!"

Viola: "Aww poor u! g2g have a date with Troy bye xxx"

Me: "Bye" but she had already gone, poor Elena all alone with light glowing from of her hands-


"Elena, are you ok?!" My Mother called from the kitchen, where she was cooking Lunch.


"Lunch is ready!"

"I'll just be a minute!" I ran into the bathroom and filled the sink with cold water, I thrust my hands in and was thankful for the coldness washing over my fingers. Although the sparks didn't burn me they were very, very hot. When they finally stopped sparking I pulled the plug out of the sink and left the room.

I walked downstairs savoring the last few minutes alone and there sat at the table... was my family.

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