The Light

Elena keeps having strange dreams about a dark forest and a bright light, but what do they mean. And when she starts developing strange powers, she realizes the world is not the safe place she grew to know and love. Her Mother will do anything to keep her and the love of her life Dan apart. What does it all mean?

BTW:This didn't mean to be an Phanfic but has kind of turned into one! This was previously 'Sparks' but I changed it because I didn't like it however I have just altered the chapters to this new story line so quite a few chapters are the same.

P.S. This does have some swearing in.

Enjoy xxx


8. Moi?

As I closed my eyes I was overwhelmed by darkness. Once my eyes had adjusted to the new light (should I still call it that when I could only just see the outlines of my hands?) I recognized my dreamworld- it was my school. I notice that it isn't the school I left yesterday afternoon though. There was something different but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I heard a noise, then the bell rang and half scared me to death. Everyone I knew came out of the closed doors, why hadn't I noticed the ongoing classes? And when did the lights turn back on? I said hi to Viola, Georgina and Emily who walked solemnly out of History, but they completely blanked me- that was strange and why were they so glum? I saw Daniel walking to our favorite spot under the willow trees (no one ever went down there and it was very romantic) and followed him hoping he would give some answers. When I got there I saw he was crying hysterically, I ran to him and embraced him in my arms.

"Whats the matter baby?" I asked hugging him tighter "Don't cry." he carried on crying and didn't even acknowledge that I was there. Something was sticking out of his jean pocket- it looked like a letter or maybe an invitation, I slipped it out carefully and read it. No this must be a sick joke. This can't be true.

You are sadly invited to the funeral of Elena Grigori,

To remember her life- not her tragic death.

She will always be in our hearts,

She would've wanted you to come.  

Sunday 31st March


Yours Regretfully Dawn Grigori.

I shook Dan as hard as I could screaming at the same time "DANIEL I'M NOT DEAD! I'M HERE! I'M WITH YOU!!!!!" my screams faded into whimpers quickly as I started to doubt what I had said. Was I alive? Was I dead? No. No. No. No. I can't be dead. I can't be. No. No.


"NOOO!" I bolted upright and awoke in a cold sweat. Phew it was only a dream. The first thing I did was ring Dan.

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