The Light

Elena keeps having strange dreams about a dark forest and a bright light, but what do they mean. And when she starts developing strange powers, she realizes the world is not the safe place she grew to know and love. Her Mother will do anything to keep her and the love of her life Dan apart. What does it all mean?

BTW:This didn't mean to be an Phanfic but has kind of turned into one! This was previously 'Sparks' but I changed it because I didn't like it however I have just altered the chapters to this new story line so quite a few chapters are the same.

P.S. This does have some swearing in.

Enjoy xxx


10. Good Job Dan Has A Double Bed

By the time school ended I'd gotten my Dad to take all my stuff to Dan's and we got my key cut for the apartment on the way home. I wonder what it will be like- sharing a room with Dan, sharing a BED with Dan? I know I've done it before, but that was different. I turned my phone back on (we all had to turn our phones off in Physics because it would interfere with the experiment) to find that I had 18 missed calls from Mother and 12 texts. God will she not leave me alone. Good job she doesn't know where Dan lives. I started to unpack, it was quiet, I was the only one here as Dan had detention- I think it was for not doing his homework. I didn't know what to do- I can't exactly turf up his room and replace it with all my stuff, can I? So not knowing what to do I walked into the lounge and turned on the TV (I made a detour through the kitchen for a can of coke). There was nothing good on so I slowly sank into slumber. 


Heart racing. Knees pumping. Chest heaving. Running. I didn't know what from, but all my senses urging me. Screaming to me to run. No looking back. Only forwards. Each breath I took was like honey, soothing me, helping me, yet I could not get enough of this sweet nectar. Not having enough air slowly started to take its toll on me. Everything started going fuzzy, dark, my muscles shutting down. And then the damp forest floor started hurling towards me at great speed. Wait that wasn't right? I was falling, yes falling. I felt the impact of my body on the floor. Ricocheting through me.  A pair of strong firm hands were on my shoulders in seconds, they pulled me somewhere. I don't know where as I am only just conscious, but I feel water. Is it raining? Everything goes dark.

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