The Light

Elena keeps having strange dreams about a dark forest and a bright light, but what do they mean. And when she starts developing strange powers, she realizes the world is not the safe place she grew to know and love. Her Mother will do anything to keep her and the love of her life Dan apart. What does it all mean?

BTW:This didn't mean to be an Phanfic but has kind of turned into one! This was previously 'Sparks' but I changed it because I didn't like it however I have just altered the chapters to this new story line so quite a few chapters are the same.

P.S. This does have some swearing in.

Enjoy xxx


1. Elena's POV - Darkness

The darkness was suffocating me. Invisible hands closing around my throat. I tried to run- but i could not move. It closed in on me. Nowhere to run . Nowhere to hide. Then in the midst of the dark woods I saw a light, flickering like a candle but much brighter. Then i could move and i automatically moved towards this mysterious light. I wasn't far from it now, i could smell the smoke- but it  was a pure smoke, white, clean. I could hear the crackling-  but it had a tingling, musical tune. I could almost touch it now, but it was shrouded in a dense, white light. I turned around as I knew there was nothing here for me. And there he was. He had been following me.


I woke up in a cold sweat and looked to my alarm-"SH!T!"-  I was 20 minutes late for school! I rushed into my clothes and grabbed a cereal bar and my car keys. That was one of the perks of being 16- having a car=freedom.  In this small town in Georgia, USA the only  thing anyone dreams of is leaving. Everyone goes to church on a Sunday, everyone knows everyone, everyone goes to the same school, everyone does they same boring old things with the same boring old people. The only thing that not everyone does is leave.


Oh by the way I'm Elena Grigori, I'm 16, I go to Underhill High School, I live in Ivydale, Georgia and my Besties are Georgina Abbot, Emily Bushton and Viola Howell. My Boyfriend is Daniel Lester and he is almost 18. I don't know what I would do without them.


By the way I have been having them dreams for a couple of months now, each in the same dark forest, the same light, the same out come- except each dream I have I get nearer to the light. What does this mean? What happens when I reach the light? I guess there's only one way to find out...

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