Have We Met Before?

I keep seeing him in my dreams.The same scene over and over again. The same dream every single night. Who is this boy that's always in my dreams?


5. Everything Is My Fault. Everything.

(Hey , hey , hey!!! Sorry if this chapter isn't that good. I have exams so I barely have time to update. Oh well. Love ya all! :) xx - Sam)



I drove home , a little disappointed. Earlier today , I went to Starbucks and bumped into Katy. She didn't remember me. It hurts to think that someone you love so much could forget about you.

When I arrived home , I stared at the pictures of me and Katherine on the wall , causing memories to come flashing back. I remembered the time when we went fishing and I threw Katy into the lake. I remembered all our good times. Then , I remembered the accident. ****FLASH BACK**** Katy caught me kissing a girl at a mall and she got so mad. She walked away , crying. I followed her until we reached the street. "Don't leave me Katy. Please. I love you and I'm sorry." I said. "No. Its too late for sorry." she said with tears rolling down her cheeks. Suddenly , a car came by and hit her. "NO!!!" I screamed as I saw her sprawled on the street. I ran over to her and kneeled next to her. An ambulance came and took her away from me , leaving me there , on the street. Alone. ****END OF FLASH BACK**** I felt tears roll down my cheeks as I remembered that. Since that day , Katherine's mum told me to stay away from Katy , blaming me for what happened to her. Even I blamed myself for everything. Every single thing that I did wrong to Katy. It was my fault that she was hit by a car. Maybe if I didn't follow her , she would never had been hit. Everything is my fault. Everything.



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