Katie is a 17 year old struggling with friends, school and herself. Her friends have all turned against her and her smile has slowly drifted away. Shes alone and her family doesnt have a clue. She fakes a smile so people dont ask questions. Her scars tell a story. A horrible story. No one knows she self harms, or starves herself. She hates everything about her. But then summer comes along and for the first time in a long time she has a real smile. She gets to go to California to stay with her aunt. She is just happy she is away from everything. When she boards the plane an unfamiliar tall handsome man came up to her and asked her a question, "Is this seat taken?" That one question changed her life. How? Read to find out. :) Enjoy.


1. School. :/


Katie’s POV:

“C’mon we’re going to be late for school!”

My sister Jordan yelled at me. She was only 14 and I had to drive her to school. Me on the other hand did not want to even think about school. I dreaded it. I hated it. I was alone there.

There is a story behind that of course. I’m not just some weirdo that doesn’t have any friends. I used to, I had a lot. I was the party of the group. But that all changed with one person.

That person is Caitlin Sparks. We were best friends we did everything together. But one day I said something to her that she didn’t like. I told her that she was rude and that she needed to be more nice to me and everyone else.

Don’t get me wrong she was an awesome person to hang with but her attitude, not the best. That one sentence pissed her off and she went behind my back and talked a lot of shit about me to all my friends. Telling them that I talk bad about all of them which was not the slightest bit true.

The next day I come to school and no one is talking to me. I knew something was up. I walked up to one of my friends to see what was going on and she ignored me and walked off. I started worrying. I was scrambling around to see what the heck was going on.

Lunch time came around and the seat they always saved for me was filled. There was an open table on the other side. I sat there. Alone.

I went up to Lanny, a girl I sit next to in math. I asked her if she knew anything and she told me everything. Told me how Caitlin turned everyone against me. My heart shattered. I thought she was my friend.

I never thought she would do this to me. But se did. Our friendship meant nothing to her. But everything to me.

All of this drama happened a week ago. They were all still not talking to me or looking at me. I was broken inside and out. I told my parent everything that happened I told them that I didn’t care that I still had one friend that was still there for me. There was, Lindsey. She stayed with me even when Caitlin tried to tear us apart.

I am depressed all the time but no one knows. I fake a smile everyday just so that people don’t ask whats wrong. Because if they do I might just loose it.


“I’m coming Jordan give me a minuet.”

I said so that she would get off my back. I wasn’t even dressed yet. I just threw on a hoodie and some slacks. I didn’t care what I looked like.

*Buzz buzz*

*Text message* Lindsey-“I’m not going to be at school I have a doctors apt. Sorry, ill make up for it later.”

Great now im going to be absolutely alone today. I simply replyed to her that its fine. But it wasn’t. I didn’t want to be tormented by Caitlin all day.


I finally make it to the high school. Thinking if I should walk in or just skip school today.

I decided that skipping school isn’t going to help any. I walked into the entrance and there Caitlin was with her ‘gang’ all of my friends I used to have.

“Sorry, hobo’s don’t go to school. The exit is that way.”

Caitlin snorted at me. I wanted to punch her right square in the face. But I calmed myself and ignored her and walked off.

I was not ready for the day. Wasn’t ready for Caitlin to throw hurtful comments at me. Why was she trying to ruin my life?

I didn’t have any classes with Caitlin except 4th period. Science. It was time to go into that class. I didn’t want to. She sat across from me. So she and look right at me. Great.

I walked in sat my stuff on the table and waited.

“Hey did you do your homework last night?”

Austin asked me as he rushed in.

“Yeah, do you want to see it?”

“Yes! Please I forgot all about it.”

I handed him my paper and he got busy. Austin was I guess one of my friends, nut we never hung out. We only talked in science. I wish we talked more because I kind of liked him. But I knew that would never happen. He was a football player and I was a writer. No one cares about writers. Especially football players.  

I didn’t really worry about boys. I cared about school and tried to stay focused in every class. I made straight A’s but I noticed that my grades were slipping. I couldn’t let that happen. I needed to stop worrying about Caiylin and worry about school.

By the time science was over I couldn’t be quicker to leave. Shockingly Caitlin didn’t make any snood comments.

My other 2 classes were over and I walked out to my car.

“Since when do hobo’s drive?”

I heard Caitlin say with a laugh to the other girls. They all started laughing. I was done with her I couldn’t handle her comments anymore.

“Listen here Caitlin, just because we airnt friends doesn’t mean you can sit here and bager me on everything. Leave me alone.”

I said piercing my eyes in hers. My heart was racing. Adrenaline running I thought I was going to punch her or something. But I didn’t.

“Whatever, lets go girls. The hobo want her space.”

I couldn’t stand her. Her words didn’t hurt me just it becomes so annoying after a while. When you just explode. I had enough.



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