Who to Love?

So umm yeahh.. This is me. I go to a regular school, I have normal friends and I live a normal life. I may not be one of the most popular girls in school and I may not be the prettiest but I seriously don't care, I'm happy with the way things aree.


1. Me

Yeah so umm I'm gonna tell you just about enough that you need to know about me.

First of all, My name is Emily, I am an only child and of course I LIVE A NORMAL LIFE like most of the people do.

I have been through a lot. Well I don't want to mention every single event that happened in my life. It's just a waste of time like you even would care about.

Oh yeah and by the way I'm in 8th grade and I'm very lazy.

And one more thing, I'm a big Directioner.

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