Who to Love?

So umm yeahh.. This is me. I go to a regular school, I have normal friends and I live a normal life. I may not be one of the most popular girls in school and I may not be the prettiest but I seriously don't care, I'm happy with the way things aree.


2. Dear Diary

Or wait maybe I'll tell you a small bit of what's currently going on in my life (love life) right now..

Ever since I have been in 2nd grade there was this boy named Gerald in the other section who had always had a crush on me. I mean seriously how would someone even love me? As the years passed his feelings for me never got lost. I wonder why. When I was in 6th grade I suddenly felt something for him. I mean may not be the best looking guy in school but I just can't help fall for him. I told my girl best friend Gessa. She was so happy for me. We would talk and text about him and me all day. It was about the last 3 weeks of class when I told her to ask him where he would go to school next year. I was so heart broken to find out that he would be transferring schools. During that time he still didn't know that I had a crush on him. I told my boy best friend in the classroom how I felt about him but he just couldn't keep his mouth shut and told him and not just that he told the entire grade 6. Shit. During the last 5 days of school we attended some kind of seminar about what would happen to our school next year and it turned out to be something very nice. (I don't wanna explain what it was about). After the seminar I told my guy best friend to ask him where he would go to school next year and to my surprise he said that he wouldn't be transferring schools.

Summer came. I missed him. I missed him so bad. I missed seeing him everyday.

First day of 7th grade came. The school year ended. We didn't go any further we still stayed as friends but not more than that.

Now I'm in 8th grade. I still have feelings for him. A lot. I love him so much with my whole heart without conditions.

One regular Saturday my friends, him and his friends and of course me, decided to go top the mall and watch a movie there. Since Gerald and me are like best friends already, we always go together. We were walking together around the mall, talking about the different things in life. When suddenly all of our friends start shouting, "Emily and Gerald sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Emily + Gerald= Emerald. EMERALD FOREVER!!" We both turned red as a tomato. The movie started, we were sitting beside eachother. After the movie we went to a restaurant when I suddenly notice that Gerald was not with us. I ask my friends where he went, they said he went to the restroom but they were all laughing and giggling so there was no I way I would believe them. After we ate I was still wondering where he was when suddenly I see him  bringing a rose and some chocolates when suddenly he approached me, kneeled down and said "Emily, I have loved you for a long time already, Will you be my girlfriend?" They all shout. I blush. I blushed hard. I helped him stand up, I hug him and say "Yes, I have been waiting for this all my life. I love you. I love you so much." And then there it was us.


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