in the night

a girl meets a woman in the woods this person is a MURDERER


2. To bobby's house

I practically colapse at his front door but his mother says that he's out hunting so i head out towards the forest.

I hear a rustle,then a scream and i realise that it was Bobby screaming" Bobby, Booby are you alright what happened i heard a scream was that you?"

"yah wait no i...... i........ i........ shot........... shot............... Aniece it was terrible i shot a


"gosh man you scared me dont ever do that to me again i thought that you had shot a family member or a freind or worse yourself"

I went and slept over at his house because he cant even look after a hamster let alone himself(literally i left him hamster sitting and he slautered my hamster dibbles may he rest in peace). I got hungry at about two in the morning the following morning so i went downstairs to get a snack in the kitchen however,there was a cloaked woman sat at the dining table.She looked over at me and stood.she came over to me.

"I am Andrea people call me AND say either and you will be one step closer to death" "sound famillier"                                                                                                                              

"Andrea or And oh crap i said that twice. Wait Bobby dont touch him" i was panicked what do you expect i said her name twice but its  understandable i mean i was scared.

"where is he,wait dont tell me i can read your mind hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.He's in the bedroom." 

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