in the night

a girl meets a woman in the woods this person is a MURDERER


1. in the dark

we were playing tag again but i had to count to 100, for some unknown reason we were playing this in the forest."99....100" i turn around and i see a woman stood there "ahh " i scream at the top of my voice.she was a very strange woman she wore snake skin boots,trousers from what look like they're from the 80's(pink,greeen and purple)shes wearing an amber t-shirt and a top hat she was very confusing.

"im sorry to startle you little girl i thoiught how ever it be wise that i tell you that your freinds have gone home"she spoke in a strange voice it was hiogh pitched."i think you should go home aswell"i stood on the spot for a moment waiting and looking at her and then she said"my name is andrea people call me and every time you say either you will be closer to death"

it took me a day or two to figure out that she couldnt possibly find me when i said An......her name. i paced my room for half an hoour solid just trying to figure out if i should tell anyone and if i did would they belive me?Probably not.i had to stopthere though because mum called me"Aniece come down for supper darlling"

"Down in a minuet mum"i replied nows my chance its now or never if i told her she wouldnt belive me but if i dont tell her what if she dies and everyone else....(its ok its just a thought ) i hope.

"Mum theres a scary woman stalking me she says im one step closer to death when i say And or Andrea"oh crap thats two times how many times do i get until i die o this is unbarable wait until you hear my mums reply"oh Aniece how active your imagination is but dont go around making up stories it makes you a lier."that made me furious i could just feel fury bubbling up inside of me i thought i was going to scream but i didnt.Thank goodness.

i storm into my room and slam the door behind me,then i hear a scream that sounds like my mothers and run doun stairs.The lady Andrea is holding a spear and my mum has just turned and seen her.Andrea throughs a spear and i cant do anything but watch my mum fade away slowley.

"Aniece "she says "i belive you now im so sorry I love you" a tear falls out of her eye."Mum,Mum dont leave me.""I love you"the fealings i had for Andrea at this moment are too rude to put into writing but i hated her she took away my Mother the ony family i have left and she was pregnant with my little brother dead before he saw the light.

"you you monster that was my only family and you killed her"i screamed at Andrea and then what she was saying to me was very scary"dont fall asleep tonight or you will be taken somewhere if you dont your best freind will die"

My best freind whos my best freind "BOBBY"I scream and then clasp my hand over my mouthrealising shes going to Bobbys house 

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