Prim's first day with a bow

This is a story about Katniss taking Prim and training her with the bow.


1. Prim's First Day With A Bow

As I woke up to musty, humid air surrounding me, I noticed Prim, my little sister whom I love dearly, was lying next to me. As I got out of bed I looked at her and declared "Wake up! Today is a big day!" I knew she hadn't forgotten our plan for me to bring her to the woods for the first time. She greeted me with wide blue eyes just before jumping excitedly out of bed. I then prepared breakfast for Prim, Mom, and me. For breakfast we each ate some of Prim's goat cheese, which she made from her goat's milk, and an egg, which I found yesterday in the woods while hunting. Prim and I ate quickly. In a few minutes our growling stomachs were under control and we got to the door, where I was greeted by a hiss from Buttercup the cat.I frowned at him thinking i should just get rid of him now, but i decided I would wait for another day only for Prim. "Goodbye Mom," we said as I closed the door.

We ran all the way to the forbidden woods where getting caught entering would be the least of our troubles.

Should I risk getting Prim in trouble? What if someone is following us?

It is too late to reconsider now that Prim is already past the fence, waiting for me to join her. I can't help but feel nervous because of the thought of her getting hurt . "Let's go back, I'll just teach you another day" I say hoping she will agree. As I looked at the frown on her face, I realized that there is no way she will turn back now. "Fine, follow me," I say reluctantly as I start walking in front of her.

In just a few minutes we reach the place. " The bow and arrows are hidden in that hollow tree!" I tell Prim quietly just in case someone is nearby. I grab them and we head towards a clearing in the woods.

Is Prim ready for this? Is she too young?

My questions are then answered by a pair of hands reaching for my bow. "All right, I'll teach you" I said while handing her the bow -The bow was our father's before he died in a mining accident- I took a deep breath to keep from showing any emotions. I wrapped my right arm around her, grabbing her skinny hand, and pulled back on the string of the bow.

"This is all you need to do. Aim. Pull back on the string. Relax. Then let go" I instructed her. "Like this" I said while helping her aim for a branch of a pine tree. "Pull back," I tell her. She pulled back. " relax" I told her. Then I felt her breaths slow down as she became calm. "Let go!" I said. I saw, only for a second, an arrow flying in the sky. I couldn't believe my eyes! "Right in the center of the tree branch! You did great!" I said to congratulate her."Did I really do good?" she asks. "Better than me when I was 12" I tell her. She had a giant smile on her face that was so big i don't think she could see past her cheeks.

Maybe this wasn't a bad idea after all. Maybe she can even hunt with me.

As we continued to train, our afternoon was filled with laughter, jokes, talking, and of course shooting the bow.

We trained until an orange sky could be seen. As we start to make our way back to our house, suddenly we get interrupted, by a huge brown thing in the distance.

I squint to see a.. a BEAR! "Run!" I shout at Prim while pushing her ahead. We ran until we nearly reach the fence, panting and exhausted from the run. But before we reach the fence the bear's . Prim still holding my bow and arrows a few feet away looks back and sees me. "just run Prim!" I shouted loud enough that she could her me but only her. Other people could be nearby and we are in enough trouble already for them to here us. Before the bear pulls me close. I think to myself well this is it , I knew we shouldn't have come and now this is last memory Prim will have of me is helplessly getting killed by a bear! Just before the bear bites me, Prim, standing tall and strong, shot an arrow right into the bear's leg. Paralyzing him long enough for me to get away.

We run a mere 10 yards only to find the electric fence, that was off when we came, now on.

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