Wrong Love

Jane was a teenage girl who had experienced a dramatic scene when she was young. Every time she sleeps, she always thought of them. So what she did was made herself busy to forget all of it. So one day, this guy saw her sitting on the grass. He went to her. And they talked. I think this was the part when she gets her first but really wrong love. What would she do, I mean what should Jane do to stop this wrong love. And what would likely to happen when this love got enchanted like a fairytale.


1. 1st Day being a Freshman

So today, I got a letter from my parents in USA. They sent me money for the school year. So by the way, today is the first day of my class. I was really excited for my class. Maybe I get to meet other people. So lets stop talking, I got dressed and I fix all my stuff. So when I was done, I made my way out of my apartment and got a cab. So after a while, I got a text message from my brother Tim. He asked me if I got the letter, so I replied to him. After that, the cab stopped in front of a big school. It was so big. So what I did was, I went down the cab and payed the fare and went in. I was so shocked when I saw it inside. It was humongous, decent and quiet. So I made my way to the counter and I asked. ''Excuse me'' i said, ''May I help you mam?'' the operator asked. ''I am a new student here'' I said, ''Oh mam, are you Lara?'' she said. So I said ''yes I am''. So when I said that, she gave me this card and she told me that I can go to my first class Geometry. So off I go to my class.

So when I got inside, I was in luck, they were not yet starting. So what I did was, I saw a chair and I sat there. So I waited for the professor. When she got inside, we all stood up and said ''Good morning''. So the professor introduced herself, ''Good Morning Class, I am Professor Julia Mac'' So we all introduced ourselves. After we introduced ourselves, we sat down and studied. So an hour later, we were all dismissed. When I was going to leave for my second class, a girl was running towards me. She was shouting my name, so when she got near me, she told me ''Hi Lara, I am Kim.'' So I said ''Hi Kim''. So we had a short conversation. After our conversation, she said that we are already friends, so I just went with it. At least now I have a friend. So I went to my class. After all that, I immediately went home to take a nap. When I woke up it was 7:30 pm, so what I did was go to a near Market to buy food for my dinner. So when I got my food, I went home and went online in twitter. So I updated it and tweeted my friends. After an hour, I turned it off and jump in bed then I fell asleep. So I dreamed about stuff and fairytales but I don't believe them. So I just continued my sleep. 

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