No One There To Care (On Hiatus)

Persephone is a poltergeist who lives for pure hatred of anyone that breaths. Darcy has just moved into Persephone's house with her family after almost being kidnapped. Will Darcy see that Persephone just needed someone who cared? Or will Persephone go to far and lose the person who could help her because of anger? Find out in No One There To Care.


7. Read this Important Update Info!


Hello nerds as you can tell this is not a chapter. Since this is my most popular story I have on movellas, any info on updates or other stuff will most likely be at the bottom of the chapters on THIS story.

Any who, I would like to inform you my current updating schedule for my story is this:

Friday: Bloody Trust (my new story yay!)

Saturday: No One There To Care (thanks for the 90 views! omg)

Sunday: Hello My Name is Nothing(chapter 3 will be up soon)

Also, any ideas for more stories?! Leave a comment pretty please! 

Finally, I also have a wattpad and all these stories are on there as well!

Luv U Guys!

<3, maybe_im_a_nerd

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