No One There To Care (On Hiatus)

Persephone is a poltergeist who lives for pure hatred of anyone that breaths. Darcy has just moved into Persephone's house with her family after almost being kidnapped. Will Darcy see that Persephone just needed someone who cared? Or will Persephone go to far and lose the person who could help her because of anger? Find out in No One There To Care.


10. Ch. 8


                I got up from the uncomfortable position in the basement. I shivered at the rigid cold tha hung in the air at all times. Hannah seemed to still be asleep. I then heaved a sigh when I remembered today was the day I went back to high school. I had been regretting starting at the bottom ever since my mom said I was changing schools. I searched my backpack for an outfit and finally found something. I slipped on a pair of ripped jeans, my Beatles t-shirt, my gray hoodie, and then slipped on my shoes and black beanie . I ran upstairs to find everyone sitting at the dinner table, halfway through breakfast. I wasn’t that hungry so I turned to leave when the Witness Protection guy stopped me.

“Darcy, we need to set some rules, okay?” he said slowly, as if I couldn’t understand.

“Yeah, okay.” I responded blankly, sitting down as I did. This might be a while.

“First of all, remember your name is London. Also, don’t get involved with bad people. Thirdly,-“
He continued to go over rules and when he finished I grabbed my skateboard and took off.

                 When I reached the school, I realized what it felt like to be unpopular and new. I had spent years getting to the top and finally becoming popular, but now it was like I had been thrust back to the bottom like an unwanted toy. I took some deep breaths and walked into the principal’s office. She had her hair in a tight bun and wore a business suit that looked new and ironed. She sat up straighter when I walked in and slipped something into her desk that looked like vodka. Inside I was laughing but I acted like I hadn’t seen anything.

                “You must be the new girl, London Rose.” She smiled sweetly at me and pulled out a file from her desk.

“Yeah, that’s me!”  I said in the best friendly voice I could muster up. She smiled again.

“You are 16, correct?” she continued on. I nodded. “And you have a brother, Seth? He is 18, right?”

I nodded. “Seth isn’t coming today. He fell yesterday and is still pretty beat up. He’s coming in tomorrow, though.”

She just nodded to that and picked up her phone. “Hello, this is Principal Jefferson. I’m calling to say that Seth’s original first day is being moved to tomorrow, so do not mark him absent.” She put the phone down.

“So you are a junior, right?” she said and I just nodded. “Listen, you can’t go through life just nodding to whatever I say, okay?” and to that I nodded. She rolled her eyes and chuckled.

“Your homeroom is Miss G’s class in room 379. Here is your class schedule, locker number, and locker code. Have fun and good luck London.” She went back to her computer and I left to go find my homeroom.  I ran to homeroom and when I walked in all eyes turned to me.

“Hi, I’m D-London Rose.” I said nervously, “I think this is my homeroom, but I’m new here.”

“Ah, let me see,” the teacher said, pulling out an attendance file, “Yes, here you are. I understand this is your first day so I’ll let you being late pass. But tomorrow I expect you to be on time. Take the seat all the way in the back corner. I’m Ms. Gambiotioski, but everyone calls me Miss G.” I walked to the back desk. I heard snickers come from people in the class but ignored them. When I sat down I noticed something in the corner of the desk. It was a small skull with a crown on it. It looked as if someone had carved it in quick but made sure it was noticeable. I wondered who had made it in the first place when suddenly the bell ringed. I hurriedly gathered my books and rushed out of the room.

I looked at my schedule to see that I had English. I groaned and rushed to find the class. Of course, as soon as I got there everyone had taken their seats. I got a warning again and was put-once again-in the back corner. I looked at the desk and noticed that this desk had the same skull-crown engraving as homeroom. I was confused how someone would make the same engraving in all their classes. Plus, there were so many teachers and classrooms. How did I get in the same rooms and desks where the engravings were? I eyed the engraving as the teacher droned on about the lesson.

My thoughts were interrupted by a loud slap. I looked up to see the teacher glaring down at me, a ruler in hand. I looked up nervously and she just looked at me.

“Detention Miss Rose. My office. Tomorrow.” Just then the bell rang and I rushed out. the day went on with getting off on warnings and getting put in the same seats and seeing the same engraving in every desk I sat in. oh, and I got water poured on my head by some cheerleader. I walked out of school with everyone else and was about to hop on my skateboard when someone called me out.

“Hey, aren’t you the new girl, London Rose?” the voice was coming from a girl. I looked to see a tall stick-thin girl with long hair dyed dark blue. Her skin was pale white and she had a spatter of freckles on her face. She wore galaxy jeans, a white tank top, and a leather jacket with a galaxy design inside. ( I reluctantly walked over to her. She smiled at me and stuck out her hand. I shook it lightly.

“I’m Andromeda. I was named after the Andromeda galaxy, you know? My parents work for NASA, and if you couldn’t tell by my clothes, they usually give me gifts with space things on them for gifts. “I tried to bring back my spunkiness and forced a smile at her. She smiled back and suddenly I heard a whoosh and splat. I looked to see that Andromeda had a cupcake splattered straight in the front of her tank top.  Then I heard someone yell “Space freak!” I tried to find the culprit but they were nowhere to be found until I heard another splat, this time on my back. I brought my hand back to find a cupcake on my back, splattered just like Andromeda’s. She looked so sad.

 “Hey, do you want to hang out after school, Andromeda?” I said as loud as I could, which frankly, wasn’t loud at all.

“Well, I can’t hang out today, but tomorrow we can!” she said, smiling.

“Thanks Andromeda!” I said, almost happily.

“Oh, and everyone calls me Andy! Bye!” and with that she disappeared into the crowd of teenagers. I got out my skateboard and skated back to the house. Once I came in I was met with Persephone sitting on the railing of the second floor, swinging her legs contently. Then she looked at me and frowned.

“You’re supposed to be dead!” Persephone sniped.

“You’re supposed to leave me alone but we don’t always get what we want.” I snapped back.

“Rough day at school?” Persephone asked, almost in a comforting way.

“Did you just say something nice to me?” I said with a smirk.

“I wasn’t being nice. I was being sarcastic.”


“I can-no wait-I WILL scare you Darcy! If it’s the last thing I do!”

“I’ve seen my grandma naked, almost gotten kidnapped and sold into prostitution, and seen my BEST friend murdered, so yeah I’d really like to see you try and scare me.” I climbed up the stairs and ran into my room to cry. I had never spoken about my best friend or kidnapping since it happened, only a couple times. I had forgotten how horrible it was to talk about it to the cops. I heard the door creak and looked to see Wren standing in the doorway.

“Are you okay?” Wren asked soothing, putting his hand on my shoulder. I nodded.

“Well, high school wasn’t that bad, but there was something weird on every single desk I sat at.” I explained.

“What was it?”

“An engraving of a skull with a crown on it.”


“It was an engraving of a skull with a crown.”

“Darcy, do you see what this means?”


“That engraving is Persephone’s symbol! You may be able to break her off of her poltergeist persona!”

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