No One There To Care (On Hiatus)

Persephone is a poltergeist who lives for pure hatred of anyone that breaths. Darcy has just moved into Persephone's house with her family after almost being kidnapped. Will Darcy see that Persephone just needed someone who cared? Or will Persephone go to far and lose the person who could help her because of anger? Find out in No One There To Care.


5. Ch. 5



                I had been huddled in the corner for- oh I don’t know- a couple of years, playing with my pajama clothes ( ). The reason for my seclusion was all because of Persephone. Her raging spirit trapped me, Wren, and her other victims inn here until Persephone found someone who cared for her. When that happened, if it ever did happen, the reaper would come and ask us if we would like to stay in the house forever or move on to purgatory/heaven/hell, depending on where we would go. My plan was to stay in the basement until that day came. You see, ghosts screw up pretty easily. We have a new strength and we can kill people by accident. Persephone had already murdered 5 people, and she despised all of us because we were a constant reminder of her mistakes that would land her in hell. I didn’t understand why she killed me, but Wren explained that Persephone enjoyed hurting people Wren cared about and loved. I was 14, and Wren is like-what- 18? Like we would ever date; besides, we were just friends.

                I blew a stray strand of dirty blonde hair out of my face. This was my incredibly boring ghost life. Wren came out occasionally, and I never came out. Wren only talked to me at nights which were the scariest. I remember the night she killed a couple, which-according to Wren-had been in some bedroom he bordered off since their brutal murder. It was the last night I talked to Wren.


                Wren sat across from me in the lighted area of the basement. I sat crouched in the corner. Above us I could hear the bloodcurdling shrieks of a young woman. Each shriek came after a sickening thud that sometime followed cracks. I cringed at each thwack that rang through the house. After about twenty thuds the shrieking stopped, and I knew Persephone had just added a new member to the house. I began to sob and mustered up my strength to curl into Wren’s lap.

                “Why is she doing this, Wren?” I asked, sobbing quietly. He frowned sadly at my remark.

                “Percy is a poltergeist because no one was there to care about her death. No one loved her and this traps her on Earth. When she sees people who love and care for each other, this triggers her feeling of hatred and anger. She loses control and becomes a demonic monster that kills anything without mercy.”

                “But why; why did she kill us, Wren? What did we do to her?” I said, trembling as I heard the shouts of a young man, most likely the boyfriend of the girl who seemed to be dead already.

                “Persephone killed me because I was the first person who almost loved her enough to set her free. If she hadn’t killed me, she would have a chance to move on without punishment. But, alas, I was the first human she killed. But, I was only staying in the house for the summer with my mum and when the day came for me to leave she was extremely mad and frustrated. She lost control and thrust me down the grand staircase. I died when I hit the bottom.” He said, a tear escaping his yes and rolling down his cheek.

                “What about me?” I said looking up at him. There was a sound of someone running up the grand staircase. The sound stopped abruptly and Persephone’s evil laugh echoed through the house. The young man yelled in fear before a sickening tumbling sound rang though out the house. He had fallen down the stairs.

                “Persephone noticed I was becoming friends with you and thought I was in love with you. I tried to explain you were too young-“Wren said before I interrupted saying, “I am too young for you! You’re old! Ewww!” he grinned at this and nodded. I giggled and held him tighter.

                “C’mon, I think Percy’s done. Let’s go welcome the new ghosts.” He said solemnly. I followed him up the stairs. These were the only times I left the basement: with Wren to greet the new ghosts. Note that this was the first time I had experienced a death in the house, so this was the first time coming out of the basement. We walked into front room to find a bloody beaten man in his boxers. He had curly blond hair matted with blood and looked lifeless. Bruises were scattered all across his body. I felt Wren tug at my arm to go into the living room.

                In the living room it was worse. Persephone hated girls. She always did more damage to them. There were clothes scattered across the room. It looked like the couple wanted to hit it off in an abandoned house. The girl lay in the middle of the wood floor with bruised and cuts all across her. She was only dressed in a black bra and panties. Her long light brown hair was scattered around her and her face was so beaten she was unrecognizable. Blood was spattered across the room. I held back my tears when I saw the bat near her. She had been beaten to death. I wondered if Persephone had forced the man to watch his girlfriend be beaten beyond belief before being killed. Considering this was Persephone’s doing, she probably forced him to watch.

                Wren gestured for me to sit on the couch that had been covered by a sheet. “They should appear any minute now.” Wren said disapprovingly. I remembered how he had told me that I had died when I woke up gasping for air to find that my body lay unmoving beside me with a pillow over my head. I shook the memory out of my head. Suddenly two ghosts appeared. Without the bruises covering her face, the young woman appeared to be 16 or 18 and was very beautiful. Her hair was tangled around her face and she was clutching the young man who looked to be the same age as her. The man was attractive as well. They were both dressed in their underwear: the man his boxers and the woman her bra and panties.

                “What happened?” the girl said trembling, “That horrid creature was beating me then everything went black. Jared, what happened?” she said.

                “She beat you up until you stopped moving completely. I think she killed you. Then she chased me up the stairs and threw me down. After that everything went black for me too, Vanessa.” The man, named Jared, stated.

                “You guys may or may not believe this, but you’re dead. You were killed and now you’re trapped with the rest of Persephone’s victims. I’m Wren.” Wren held out a hand and the couple each shook it cautiously.

                “You mean that monster has a name?” the woman asked then looked down and shrieked. “I’m in my underwear!!!!” I stifled a giggle.

                “Yes, unfortunately you are stuck in the clothes you died in.” Wren said, “Hannah here,” he gestured to me, “was smothered by Persephone with a pillow in her sleep so she is stuck in her pajamas while I’m in regular clothes because I was killed in the afternoon.” I looked down at clothes. These were just my normal pajamas; if I was going to die I would’ve worn something cuter.

                “When can we leave?” the man said sternly. Wren held a hand up to calm him.

                “Listen, if you guys want to be alone together, I will show you a bedroom in the house I can board up so humans can’t intrude on you ever. I saw the couple look at each other then back at Wren and nodded. Wren led them off somewhere and came back a few minutes later.

                “I’ll board the room off tomorrow morning.” Wren explained, sitting down next to me. He held my hand tightly and I looked down and saw that they were shaking vigorously. Wren kissed me on the forehead and pulled me into a hug.

                “I’m sorry Percy put you into this.” He said. We just sat there in a tight embrace when suddenly an evil laugh echoed behind us. We broke apart abruptly to see Persephone grinning mischievously at us. I shrieked and the memories of gasping for air came back to me. The pressure of the pillow on my face cutting off my air supply and that evil laugh flashed in my mind. I had never seen Persephone until now. She had flaming hair a skull t-shirt that hung loosely around her.

                “A little scared, are we, Hannah Banana?” she said, grinning evilly. I squeezed Wren’s arm but suddenly I was thrown against the wall.

                “Percy leave her-“I heard Wren say before Persephone snapped back.

                “DON’T CALL ME ‘PERCY’!” she screamed. I cringed and began to sob. She looked back at me and snapped my neck. Even though I didn’t die from it, it hurt a lot to put the bones back in place. In fear I disappeared into the basement where Persephone couldn’t reach me and painfully put my bones back in place. After that day, I never spoke to anyone, not even Wren.


                I knew Wren talked about me sometimes. Ghosts feel a pull to a place when they are mentioned, but even when I felt that pull, I ignored it. I never left the room in fear I would get hurt by Persephone or hurt someone else. Suddenly I heard a creak. I shot up for the first time in a couple years to see Wren sitting in the middle of the floor. I ran to hug him and then retreated back to the shadows as quick as I came from them.

                “Hannah, we need to talk about the girl that moved in.” Wren explained.

                “What about the girl?” I had heard the family move in this morning and had heard a teen girl.

                “She is different from the other visitors. She could touch me. She saw me even though I wasn’t making myself visible. And even when I’m visible humans can’t touch me.” I gasped. Humans could only touch, see, and speak to poltergeists, and that was only when poltergeists wanted the human to feel that they were there. The fact she could touch, speak to, and talk with Wren without him allowing himself to be visible was astounding.

                “How is she doing that?” I said, “Humans aren’t supposed to do that. Does she know that the girl can do that?” I said in reply, my voice hoarse. I hadn’t spoken in two years, so obviously talking would be difficult at first.

                “By she I expect you mean Persephone.” Wren said. I cringed at her name, “Yes, Persephone knows, but being her poltergeist self, tried not to show surprise when she attacked Darcy.” So that was her name, Darcy.

                “Wait, what? She attacked Darcy already? They just moved in!” I said in a loud whisper.

                “Well, it was more like tried to kill her.”

                “Wren! Is she dead?”

                “What?! No, she isn’t dead. I caught her and brought her outside Persephone’s barrier. She is lying in the woods, probably about to wake up.”

                “Well what the hell Wren?! You can’t just leave her in the woods!”

                “I couldn’t take her back to the house. Persephone could hurt her again. And I made a promise that I wouldn’t let Percy hurt her ever. Besides, Darcy is very capable of things.” I saw him run a hand through his hair. I scooted out of the shadows to get a look at him.

                “Wren, look at me.” I said. When he didn’t respond, I grabbed his chin and tilted his head up. His eyes had a certain sparkle in them that, if Persephone found out about that sparkle, would result in an early grave for Darcy.

                “Wren, why are you so worried that Persephone is going to hurt Darcy?” I said suspiciously, already knowing the answer.

                “Because I think I’m falling in love with her, Hannah.”






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