No One There To Care (On Hiatus)

Persephone is a poltergeist who lives for pure hatred of anyone that breaths. Darcy has just moved into Persephone's house with her family after almost being kidnapped. Will Darcy see that Persephone just needed someone who cared? Or will Persephone go to far and lose the person who could help her because of anger? Find out in No One There To Care.


4. Ch. 4



                I watched with a smirk as Darcy screamed her head off. From her screams I deduced the brother’s name was Seth. He was very attractive, but I couldn’t get myself involved with a human. Even if I had been one before I, you know, DIED! Besides, I had already fallen in love with a human and that didn’t end well. Most of the time, I ignored his existence in the house because it was a reminder of how violent I could become. I watched as everyone crowded around Seth. Of course, he wasn’t dead. I wasn’t that bad of a poltergeist. I was just the old crabby kind that yells “Get off my lawn!” like an old man. Except instead of a walking stick for weapons I can move across house in a flash and move objects heavier than the Earth.

                Darcy had thick tears rolling down her cheeks. At this point the parents were desperately freaking out because they hadn’t thought of packing a first aid kit. I rolled my eyes. All I did was punch him in the face and the family was already flipping out. I wondered what had happened to Darcy. Even though she seemed confident, I could see right through her confidence and I saw a timid scarred teenager. I pushed it out of my head and decided to plan out how I would get the family out of the house.


                I kneeled down at my brother’s feet. Even though his injuries were minor, I still worried for him. I decided to get up and stop my parent from worrying any more than they should be.

                “Listen, Mom and Dad, I’ll go to the town and buy a first aid kit.” I said calmly. This only made them more worried.

                “What? No, Darcy someone could snatch you up again. The man from Witness Protection hasn’t even arrived yet.” Mom said, desperately trying to contain her worry. Just then, the door to the house opened and I saw a man who looked straight out of the Matrix walk in. He looked up at us, removed his sunglasses, and waved at us with a smile that seemed unfitting with his outfit.

                “Hello, Darcy. My name is Joseph Kersenski. I will be watching over your family until the government agrees that it is safe enough for your family to be on your own. Now, witness protection has informed me that we must give you a new name as final stage in the transformation process. Your location and appearance have already changed. Your new name will be London Rose.”  Just like that, my name was no longer Darcy. Darcy wasn’t there anymore. I was now London.

                “London? Like, the city in England, you know the packed bustling city across the pond? You could have picked any name, but you chose London.” I said with a scowl.

                “Also, this is not your family anymore,” the man continued, “your parents died in a car crash and this family is on your mom’s side. They are taking you in while Darcy travels the world with some of her friends.” I nod my head. Not only am I named after a city, but apparently my real self is traveling the world. I really wish I was witness-protection Darcy right now. I groan in agreement then turn toward my mom.

                “Okay, can I go to town for the aid kit?” I beg. My dad appears from upstairs and explains he put Seth in my room for the moment and that I should go to the store for first aid supplies. My mom reluctantly nods her head and I run out the door and through the woods. The sun is out and shining down on my face as I sprint through the woods. Soon I am at the main road and I realize I have no idea where I am going. So I do something completely idiotic. I stuck out my thumb and tried to catch a ride. Luckily I was able to grab a ride from a nice nerdy-like high school girl and not some creepy man that would bring back trauma. I thanked her for the ride and stepped into the drug store.

                I quickly ran to the first aid section and then grabbed a first-aid kit that was jumbo-sized. I paid for the first-aid then ran out to find some way to get a ride home. I looked at what money I had left: $50. I remembered one of my old boyfriends from 8th grade had taught me how to skateboard so I found a skate shop and purchased the best one I could buy with my money. I hesitated before stepping on the sandpaper-like surface of the board but then I got on and knew what to do. I practiced in front of the skate shop for a moment before I got the hang of it. Then I pushed off towards the house.

                Once I reached the huge house I ran up to where Seth was clutching the first-aid kit in one hand and the skateboard in the other. Seth had a wad of damp paper towels on his nose and a bag of ice on his jaw. Whoever did this really had a temper. I knew it was probably Persephone, but I focused on fixing Seth’s face. He was still passed out as I wrapped gauze on his jaw and placed a Band-Aid on his nose, as it had a cut on along the bridge of his nose. When I finished he seemed to just be sleeping and not passed out from the blow. I sighed and decided to sleep in the attic that night.

                I carried up the skateboard and my backpack to the stairs of the attic and closed the latch of the attic behind me. When I entered there was a boy sitting there with blood matting his brown hair. He smiled weakly at me. I looked at him confused and then held up the first-aid kit. He just nodded and motioned with his head for me to come over. I walked over and used the alcohol-soaked pads to clean the blood off. Once I did that I wrapped gauze around his head. He smiled weakly at me and I sat down on the floor across from him.

                “I’m Da-er-London.” I said, relieved I hadn’t blown my cover.

                “Hi London, my name is Wren, but I know your real name is Darcy. I heard your brother call you that. The government guy just gave you that name for protection, I take it? Well, I like Darcy better. It’s cute.” he said with a British accent. I widened my eyes, nodded, and then fell silent, hiding the slight pink that had crept onto my cheeks. We just sat there looking at the ground.

                “Let me guess,” I said, breaking the awkward silence, “You’re a friend of Persephone’s? Because you shouldn’t be here since it is, you know, our house.” I said nonchalantly as breaking and entering wasn’t a crime. He looked at me confused.

                “Didn’t Percy tell you?” he said confused, “She doesn’t really like to talk about me, but I heard you talking with her. I guess you didn’t believe her. Anyways, it isn’t technically your house. I died here.” He said. I frowned.

                “You and Persephone better leave this house or else. Stop with this whole I am a ghost/poltergeist because I am tired of it.” I said irritated. He sighed and looked at the ground.

                “Do you want proof?” a voice said behind me. I turned around and saw the one face I really didn’t want to see. It was Persephone, with a sly grin on her face.


                I watched from a window sill as Darcy, or as she had been renamed, London walked up to the attic. I knew exactly who was up there. Wren. I hated thinking about him. He was so pure and I had destroyed his human existence because I was selfish. But now that he died, I had also cursed him. He doesn’t cross over until I cross over. But now that he was dead, I no longer have feeling for him. Being a poltergeist, any guilt turned to anger. I was angry at him because he made me fill with guilt. We talked with each other when no one inhabited the house, but when people came I had anger towards him because, right now, I was a poltergeist. A human’s personal tormentor.

                I walked through the walls of the attic and stood behind Darcy. I watched Darcy-erm-London(What a horrible name, I think I’ll call her Darcy) wrap up Wren’s bloody head. The grim reaper had cursed me with Wren. He was good and I was evil. I instantly saw that Wren was-how do I put this-interested in Darcy. The way he looked at her was different than how he looked at the usual inhabitants of the house.  I rolled my eyes then he said something I had never heard him say before.

                “Didn’t Percy tell you?” he said and glanced up at me before continuing to talk to Darcy. I felt tears prick my eyes but blinked them back and clenched my fists, remembering the day I met Wren.


                I saw him before he saw me. His brown hair was covered by a beanie. I was instantly intrigued. For the first time, my poltergeist persona left my spirit. He looked up at me with his icy-blue eyes and I instantly vanished so he wouldn’t see me blush. Yes, ghosts can blush. He could save me from being trapped in the house. If he cared about me and said that he cared he would set me free so I could cross-over. I went to the attic and sat staring out the window. The creaking of a door startled me. I looked to see the boy staring at me, holding luggage.

                “Hi, I’m Wren. What are you doing in this house? Because we’re renting it out for the summer, my mom and I.” he said accusingly. He had a British accent. I got up smirked.

                “ might not believe this, but I am kind of a ghost. You know, the kind that is stuck in the house.” I said quickly.

                “You are joking, right?” he said, chuckling. I shook my head.

                “Okay, cool. What is your name?” he said, holding out his hand. I didn’t take it and instead raised my eyebrows. “What?” he said.

                “You don’t even need proof?” I said, “You’re just going to instantly believe I’m a ghost.” I said.

                “Yeah I guess.” He said, shrugging. I took his hand and shook it.

                “My name is Persephone.” I said with a smile.

                “Well, Persephone is kind of a long name, don’t you think so?” he said, “I think I’ll call you…Percy!”

                “Well, I got to go, Wren.” I said quickly. I had to leave before my poltergeist persona took over.

                “See you around, Percy!” he said with a wink. I turned quickly and vanished right in front of him. Percy. I had never has a nickname before. And this one suited me. Percy.


“You and Persephone better leave this house or else. Stop with this whole I am a ghost/poltergeist because I am tired of it.” Darcy said irritated. I decided to step in.

“Do you want proof?” I said. Darcy whipped around.

“Percy, don’t get in this.” Wren warned.

“Stay out of this Wren, and stop calling me Percy. You know I hate that nickname.” I said angrily.

“As I was saying, if you want proof I’ll give you proof.” I said mischievously. “All you have to do to get your proof is to try and leave this room.” Darcy looked at me as if it was a joke.


                I looked at Persephone, confused at her challenge. I lifted my foot to take a step but then pain shot through my back as some force bushed me to the other end of the attic. What the hell? I thought to myself. I groaned and got up to see Persephone just standing there. How did she do that? I sprinted for the window but then out of the corner of my eye I saw Persephone lift her hand up and an old wardrobe slid to cover the window. I looked at her with slight fear.

                “Persephone, stop this.” Wren warned once again. I looked to see him standing there looking at her threateningly. She smiled and shook her head, holding her hand out towards me. I felt a force lift me up from the ground and then the wardrobe revealed the window which was opened automatically. I screamed but no sound escaped my mouth. A rag doused in some liquid flew to cover my mouth and I instantly blacked out. The last thing I saw was Persephone’s eyes, which were glowing white.


                Darcy had been knocked out by a chloroform rag. I looked at Persephone who had gone full-on poltergeist mode. I looked at her threateningly but she just smiled.

                “Looks like your little love interest will be joining us Wren.” She said in that eerily familiar demonic voice that only came when she was unreachable and at the peak of her tormenting. Darcy’s limp body disappeared out the window and fell towards the ground. I vanished and appeared outside the house just in time.

                Darcy’s black hair was whipping around her face as she fell from the window and I quickly caught her body just in time. She was alive and okay. I had to go outside Persephone’s barrier. One of my advantages was that I could go past Persephone’s barrier. I had more freedom as a ghost than I ran through the woods I looked down at Darcy. Her petite frame was hidden by a baggy sweatshirt that read NERD across it. I smirked at the design. Her pale face looked lifeless, but I knew she was alive. I was afraid to see any of the female guests because I knew Persephone would kill them or chase them off in an instant. She had already killed a 14 year old I had just been friends with, considering I was much older than her but Persephone thought different and suffocated her in her sleep.

                Her name was Hannah, and although she was a ghost in the house, she resided in the basement of the house and never left there. I was sure Persephone didn’t even know she was down there. But Hannah was a friend. Darcy seemed different than Persephone. I could see that Darcy had gone through something. But I could not fall in love with her. She would hide like the rest of Persephone’s victims. Percy had killed five people. The first was me, because I was leaving the home after our summer stay ended and Percy wouldn’t have it so she threw me down the stairs in anger the morning I left. The doctors concluded I had tripped and fallen but my mom saw Percy do it and has since been in a mental institute. Her second victim was Hannah and we talked our way through the third and fourth victims. They were a young couple who wanted to hit it off in an old house. They were in a third floor bedroom I boarded off. 

                 The fifth victim was an old man but we never see him. We are all sure he crossed-over but I think I’ve seen him in the corner of my eye. The only ghosts who appear sometimes are me, Hannah, and Persephone. I took in raspy breaths as I gently laid Darcy onto the grass just outside Persephone’s barrier. Just as I suspected, Persephone appeared, eyes glowing white, red hair whipping around her, and her skull t-shirt billowing.

                “Persephone, give it up. She’s outside your barrier. I’m not bringing her back until you promise not to kill her.” I said. The white glowing in her eyes disappeared but I could still see the excitement.

                “C’mon, Wren.” She said with a smirk. “Tormenting innocent souls gives me a rush. You should try it sometime.”

“Persephone, don’t hurt her.” I said warningly. She smirked.

“You like her don’t you?” she said teasingly. I stiffened up. “I can see it in your eyes. They have that same sparkle you had when you met me.”

“You destroyed my life. People are dying because of you!” I said through gritted teeth.

“THAT’S MY JOB WREN!” she yelled, “And anyways, dying is a natural occurrence. It’s what people do.”

“Just promise you won’t hurt her.” I said, looking down.

“Fine, I promise.” She said reluctantly, turning around.

I sighed in relief then Persephone turned back around.

“Wren,” she said, “you should know that I also promised I wouldn’t hurt Hannah. Look where she is.” She winked then vanished. I looked down at Darcy and tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

“No one, especially Persephone, will ever hurt you.” I said to her unconscious body, “I promis, and when I make promises, I never break them. Ever.” 


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