No One There To Care (On Hiatus)

Persephone is a poltergeist who lives for pure hatred of anyone that breaths. Darcy has just moved into Persephone's house with her family after almost being kidnapped. Will Darcy see that Persephone just needed someone who cared? Or will Persephone go to far and lose the person who could help her because of anger? Find out in No One There To Care.


2. Ch. 2


Present Day


                It had been over 7 years since I died. I had died in the clearing of the woods by the main road and two months later a huge old fashioned mansion was built in the clearing. They didn’t even know my body was buried right below it, and that by building it I became more restricted by where I could go. The first months after my death, I couldn’t leave the woods as the main road was my barrier. With the house, I could only go 250 feet outside the house before being cut off by the new barrier. I hated the house and everything about it. Couples came in the summer but were scared off by me after a week, at the latest. Currently, it was the middle of winter.  So I was surprised when, as I sat on the ledge of a staircase, I heard the sound of a car about one mile away that could only be headed in one direction.


                I didn’t understand why my parents named me Darcy, because when I was twelve we filled out a sheet on our name and I discovered my name translated directly to “Dark One” in Celtic. How could I be called “Dark One” when my hair was blonde? But when I asked them why they named me Darcy they said it was because my mom loved the character Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. She planned on calling their second child, expected to be a boy, Darcy, as my older brother Seth was already named after my dad. So when they had an unexpected girl, my mom still wanted Darcy and gave it to me as a name.

                So now we were being forced to move away from our bustling town of New York City and we were moving to the town of Brookfield in Washington. We had left suddenly because I was approached by a man attempting to kidnap me and my friend. He killed my friend when she attempted to fight back. Luckily, I was able to escape just before I was stuffed into his van because I had pretended to pass out before jumping out of his arms and running off. Although I acted brave, I was scared and burst into tears when I got home. He had almost caught me. My parents were home when I ran through the front door and locked it behind me.

                I explained to them what had happened when we heard a car pull up outside. We looked to see the man and his van waiting outside. My parents called the police but by the time they arrived the man was gone. The police said we needed to get into witness protection immediately because the man knew where we lived, I had seen him kill someone, and apparently he was a wanted criminal who ran illegal prostitution and was trying to pick me and my friend up and make us into toys for disgusting middle-aged men. We found Brookfield on the other side of the country. It was fairly small and the police put us on a plane secretly. No one, not even our outside family, knew where we were. Only a handful of authorities, my brother, and my parents knew. I had to leave everything behind, just a backpack of stuff.

                Then we found a house in the middle of the woods. It was out of the way and the police would be sending a body guard who was disguised as a family friend. My parents were supportive of me and I was broken inside. I was so close to being kidnapped it wasn’t funny. Seth was supportive of me and became friendlier with me. I was upset and didn’t understand why I would be taken. But now here were, driving up a road with woods running along it. We were given a car completely different from our purple minivan. We now drove in a shiny black jeep with tinted windows in the back where I would always sit for witness protection purposes. My hair had been dyed to a midnight black that gave my hair blue undertones. Before this whole incident with the kidnapping I was a bubbly blonde who wore pink and dressed girly.

                I was now broken to the point where my style changed completely. I had gone from dresses and heels to all black and converse. I became a mysterious loner because I didn’t want to be found by that creepy man ever again. I wore a black sweatshirt with Nerd written in bold across it, ripped black jeans, and blue converse.  I had a blue beanie on my head and wore my good luck charm, a ring with glasses on it. ( We turned off the main road and I saw my mom clutch her hand with my dad’s tightly. I turned to look at my brother but he was listening to dubstep on his iPod. I rolled my eyes and looked out the window at the woods.

                The trees were bare and had thick branches good for climbing. I decided then I would be climbing there to escape from reality sometimes and be happy that I was alive. It was strange, but almost being kidnapped changed my point of view. Some may say I was more “emo” or mysterious, but I felt like I was more attentive to my surroundings now that my personality changed. As I attempted to admire the trees passing by a girl caught my eye. She wore a skull shirt and had flaming red hair. She seemed to be glaring at me as if I was an enemy. I looked at my parents who didn’t seem to see her outside. Then in the blink of an eye she was gone.

                The car slowly pulled up to the huge house. Even though I heard it had been built in 2005, it might as well have been from the 1900s. It was tall and had long windows. I looked in each one when I saw her again. The same red-haired girl I had seen in the trees.

                “Mom, do you see the girl in that window up there?” I asked, not leaving eye contact with the girl. My mom looked at the window with the girl and said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about there isn’t anyone there.” I saw the girl in the window and looked confused at her. She looked back confused before switching back to her look of resentment. I got out of the car, and when I looked back at the window, she had left again.


                I sat swinging my legs off the side of the tree that just made it into my barrier. I awaited the arrival of the people in the car. I turned to see a shiny black jeep with tinted black windows. I rolled my eyes as ghosts could easily see who was inside, tinted or not. I looked into the car where a boy who looked 18 was listening to headphones. Next to him was a girl who gave off a strange feeling, like she would be different from other guests. She had black hair and wore all black clothes. But that feeling that she wouldn’t run left me when I remembered: They are taking over your territory. They are living on the land where you were left to die. They aren’t different; they are like all humans who are evil and uncaring. They are and will never be welcome. My poltergeist persona took over as it always did when people came. I looked at the girl with resentment. Then something happened. She looked at me. No one could see me unless I wanted to. I brushed it off and disappeared back into the house.

                Then it happened again. I looked back outside to see the girl looking at me. Then I heard saw her mouth move, saying something to her mom. Her mother said something in return and she looked at me confused. I looked back confused before quickly switching back to resentment. I turned away and disappeared to make sure even I couldn’t see myself. I watched from a dark corner as they all walked in carrying backpacks? Why did they pack so little? I saw the 18 year old boy rub the girl’s arm comfortingly. What was going on? Why did they move here and were treating this girl with comfort? I wondered if something had happened.

                “Think of it as a fresh start, Darcy.” The young boy told the girl. So that was her name. Darcy.


                I climbed up the stairs carefully and made my way to my room, which, according to my mom, was the third door on the left. I opened the door to a large room with a full size bed. Everything was great and then my jaw dropped. It wasn’t the long window that gave a view outside to see who would show up at our new house or the huge old-fashioned wardrobe that made my jaw drop though. It was the fact that there was the same red-haired girl sitting on the bed staring at me with an mischievous grin on her face.

                “Hello, Darcy.”



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