No One There To Care (On Hiatus)

Persephone is a poltergeist who lives for pure hatred of anyone that breaths. Darcy has just moved into Persephone's house with her family after almost being kidnapped. Will Darcy see that Persephone just needed someone who cared? Or will Persephone go to far and lose the person who could help her because of anger? Find out in No One There To Care.


1. Ch. 1



I was the girl you saw in the corner of your eye in homeroom. You know the one who wears all black and doesn’t say much yet she slightly creeps out everyone at school? That was me. I wasn’t the misunderstood goth girl who was really super sweet and nice. I was as messed up as people expected me to be. My mother was waiting until I turned 18 so she could kick me out of the house and continue on with her life of alcohol and illegal drugs. This is one of the reasons no one cared that I died. So let me tell you about the day I died.


            October 17, 2005

            I woke to the sound of punk music blasting out of my clock radio. Reluctantly I got out of my bed, if you could even call it that. It was a pile of blankets on a small tattered mattress with a pillow from goodwill. I got up and slumped into the bathroom to take a shower. Five minutes later I ran back to my bedroom. The pink flower wallpaper from when I was four was faded to a greyish-lavender color and was peeling off the walls. It was the only memory I had left of a time when my mom actually cared for and loved me.

            I got dressed in ripped black skinny jeans, a skull t-shirt, a beanie, and my favorite black hoodie ( ) before running downstairs. I heard the sizzling and popping of bacon downstairs and instantly became hungry and eager to find the source of the sound before I stopped. Bacon?, I thought to myself. I never had bacon, much less breakfast ever. When I entered the small kitchen of me and my mother’s apartment I saw her humming to herself as she set out bacon on the counter. She looked up at me and smiled. Something was definitely up.

            “Hi Mom, why are you so happy this morning?” I said, raising my eyebrow slightly.

            “Oh, Persephone, haven’t you checked the calendar. Tomorrow is your 18th birthday. Tomorrow I can be free of you. The bacon is for me as a special celebratory treat. Speaking of tomorrow, I want you out of the house before noon. Now go to school, you rotten kid.” My mom grinned as she finished her insult to me. Her small speech explained exactly how she felt towards me. I sighed as soon as she said my name. Yes, my mother named me after the queen of the dead. She even told me when I was 14 I was named Persephone because when I turned 18, I might as well be dead to my mom.

            She didn’t want anything to do with me as soon as I was an adult. I turned towards the door and grabbed my backpack then slipped on my converse. I heard my mom yell a rude comment and as I closed the door I heard the faint, but very familiar sound of a wine cork popping. I ran down the stairs of our apartment and started my walk to Brookfield High School which was two miles away. A cold breeze hit me and I held my hoodie closer. The chilly air began to make my fingers stiff and cold. My bright red hair was cold against my face.

            By some miracle, thirty minutes later I had made it to school. I ran to the door of the heated school. My body quickly regained its average temperature. I raced to my locker and off to homeroom where my usual seat in the back awaited me. I sat through the day as I always did receiving odd looks when I engraved symbols into the desks. The only trace I left in school was the tiny skulls I engraved in the corner of each desk I sat in. No one really noticed it considering there were countless other doodles surrounding it from other people.

            At lunch I ate in the bathroom considering there were no seats whatsoever. But you don’t want to hear about my boring day. Everything changed on my way home.

            I was the first to rush out of the building along with 300 other students. I turned to the usual way I walked back home, not that I wanted to get back home any time soon. I decided to take a shortcut. Even though I would have to go through the road by the woods then cut through the woods as well, it meant getting more time to pack up from my mom’s house. I heard the ground crunch under my feet. I reached the main road by the woods and looked left and right before starting to walk across.

            Just as I was halfway across, my phone slipped from my hand and onto the pavement. The battery fell out. I quickly reached out for the phone and battery and was putting it in when I heard a loud car horn beep at me. All I saw was the front of a black car and inside a very surprised looking young man before I was knocked off my feet and rolled onto the hood of the car. Everything went black.


            I woke up and had a feeling of nothingness. I didn’t feel pain or emotion at the moment. I got up and looked at my surroundings. Then I looked down and I almost screamed. A couple of feet away from me was my body. I was covered in blood and my beanie was lopsided on my head. My leg looked badly broken. As I took in what I was looking at I realized that I was looking at my own body. I looked down at myself. I was wearing the same as the body in front of me, but I wasn’t beat up. I suddenly realized the only solution why I could be looking at my body, why I didn’t feel the cold or warmth anymore.

            I was dead.


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