When The Heavens Open

A lost boy who has yet to find his place.

A princess who kills in the night.

Their worlds are changing fast and their actions could determine their fates. In this land of magic and mystery, something pulls them together; but something is pulling them apart.
The question is, what way should they go?


1. Prologue


The sunshine lightly touched the tree canopy as the day dawned. The orange rimmed sky grew slowly brighter and the wind rustled the dead leaves that had fallen to the damp ground. As the birds woke from the slumber to fill the air with a twittering melody; another soul stirred in the receding shadows of the night. There was still a chill in the air from the previous night’s shower and the figure shivered as it stood. Stretching out his muscular arms and letting out a yawn, he tried to shake the sleep from his head. It had been a tedious trek through the forest. He was hungry, weary, and the thin shirt he wore didn’t do much to subdue the numbing feeling that ate at his pale skin.


Did his journey even have a purpose anymore? He knew the inevitable fate that his village had been destined to follow; that there was nothing left for him there now but abandoned dreams and charred hope. Sent out into the world to seek help for his kin and now, not knowing whether or not they were still breathing… What a daunting thought for such a young person who, just yesterday, was just like any other innocent boy that worked in the small village of Dalicrusa.


Shouldering his pack, that only held the bare essentials of a flint, a few dried pieces of fruit, a dry top and his carving knife; he set off with his compass in hand. Walking for such a distance though, left a large space of time that the mind needed to occupy as his body was on an automated path to the hovering city of Careema.


Thoughts, dark thoughts, they eased themselves into his still half-conscious brain and lodged there; patiently waiting for the lights to come on and reveal their whereabouts. As the sun rose higher into the sky and his mind wandered further into itself, like how dry his throat was becoming and the dull feeling of movement in his lower half, a bombardment of images raided his unguarded mind. Throwing images of the not so pleasant afternoon that was yesterday. He stopped abruptly and took a short sharp breath, attempting to calm down his racing heart. It was over now. He could never change anything that had happened that day. There was no changing the past.  How the sky seemed to part and giant, blue, Spheres rained down onto the unsuspecting villagers. The looks of utter shock that swept across the upturned faces tugged at his conscience but if he had turned back to aid them, his fate would have followed the faces. The attack was rather strange however. Usually the Spheres were more subtle; using their ability to blend in with the sky to attack at night when the black matched their shiny exterior and their victims were at their most vulnerable, trapped in their slumbering state.


A strange sound broke through his thoughts and he looked around. Nothing had stirred but the unmistakable buzzing sound was getting uncomfortably closer to him. He drew his knife from the bottom of his bag, the only weapon that he had thought to bring along with him. The trees around him gave nothing away and the ground beneath didn’t stir but the sound was nearly upon him.


He waited, uncertain as to what was approaching. 

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