Why Me?(A One Direction Fanfic)

Crystal was just a ordinary girl going to school at S.G. The only problem was that the members of One Direction went there as well.Those jerks. But she starts to fall hard for one of those jerks. What she doesn't know is that she has a brother which means that he could be closer than she thinks. What other secrets will be revealed during her adventure? Will things change just because her bestfriend got with one of those jerks?


1. Just Great

"Crystal Alvarez Detention Now" Mr. Richardson said while pointing to the door. Yep that's me, your average teenage girl living life here at Los Angeles. I am not a bad student but not a good student either. I still do my homework and pay attention once in a while. Here at S.G the kiods are rather different than a typical high school. Did I mention that the famous boyband One Direction came here. Those jerks flirting with the first girl they see. Well not all of them but still they are all jerks. They think that just cause they are famous they could do anything they want. Harry, don't get me started. He is such a player or as my friend would say a 'man whore'. I would know because he has every single period with ME. Kill Me Know. You would walk in and you would either see him or Zayn  snogging on some girl. Eating their faces off like they are some hungry person. Pssh and people think Zayn is the shy one. Well no you are to9tally wrong. He is so straight up. Niall he is different, good different. Like Liam and Louis. Lois is so stupid but in agood way. He is hilarious as fuck. Liam ummm he is such a nerd. He always has a book in his hand.

So I got  to detention and saw Harry there. Of course, he got caught sending notes. So childish of him.

"Hello Ms. Alvarez. Please take a seat next to Mr. Styles." Mrs. Flores said pointing to a seat next to Harry. Ughhh are you kidding me the rest of the period sitting next to the one and only Harry Styles. I did as told and then put my head down.

"What's your name?" he asked with a smirk

"What. You seriosly don't know" I said lifting my head up to answer.

"No. Should I know" OMG is he beeing serious.

"We have every single period together and you still don't know" I asked with some attitude. Seriously which retard wouldn't know a person they have every single period.

"Oh" Harry answered with a half smirk.

"My name is Crystal Alvarez you retard"

"Someones got attitude"

"Are you being serious. Of course I would give you attitude. I just can't stand a..." I was about to say something when I got cut off by Mrs. Flores.

"Be quiet you too. Don't you think your in a whole mess of trouble?" Of course not. Ughh thank god the period was almost over. Having Harry for every single period is more than enough. I sit as far away from him for a reason. Everytime I am close to him or talking to him (rarely) I feel something inside. It's wierd.


That's the bell. Finally. I get up as fast as I can and storm out the room. Lunch Time even better.

"Crystal" My friend Kathy came over and gave me a hug."Guess What" she said backing up.

"What is it now. Wait let me guess you're not a virgin no more." I said giggling.

"No silly it's about Harry Styles" she said all happy. Please don't be what I am thinking please I am begging. " He asked me if I wanted to get with him."

"AND" I asked pretending to be excited to hear the news.

"I said YES of course" she said jumping up and down. Noo ughhh this day keeps getting better and better. "You're not happy. Why?"

"Noo I am happy for you but out of all the guys in the world why him."

"You know that I have been waiting for this moment for a long time and you know it."

"Well yea but..." I got cut off by Harry. He wrapped his arms on her waist turning her around to give her a peck on the lips. We went to get our lunch. We always sit on the farthest table away from them. Today all of the One Direction members sat down to eat with us. Niall was stuffing his mouth up with food. It looked like he hadn't eaten in ages.The others were just talking to each other.

"Crystal wanna leave" Kathy asked me.

"Sure let me just throw this away." I said getting up. I was walking when this kid comes and drops his food on me.

"Shit" he said "I am so sorry" he said and just ran off.

"Bitch please. Ughhh my favorite tank-top." I said really irratated. See what I mean This day keeps getting better and better.

"Here let me help" ...


So this is my first story. Please leave comments telling me how bad it is or how good  it is. I wonder who is going to help her. Comment who you think it is. kk bye -GABZ-

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