Death is Only the Beginning

Christen is just an average 17 year old girl who went out for a swim one day with her 7 year old sister. She didn't expect to almost die, meet a soon to be ghost, and gain an enemy all in one day.


2. What's going on?


Christen suddenly awoke on a cold white marble floor, coughing up water. She squinted because a bright light was flashing in her eyes. She got up and walked around. She noticed massive white pillars leading up to a big golden door. Her brain sensed how peaceful this place was, but her heart was pounding because of the utter loneliness. Christen thought it would be best to just walk up the white steps and see what’s behind the golden door. But a sudden laugh stopped her.

“Who’s there?”

The laugh got louder. “Same old Chris, eager to just solve the puzzle without much of an adventure, but I guess that’s why I’m in love with you, you’re so interesting.”

Christen turned to face a golden throne that sat where she was when she woke up. Sitting on the golden throne was a teenager who looked to be about 17. He had Russet brown hair, Sea green eyes, and Peach orange skin. When he saw Christen looking at him, he smiled so large that his teeth were a blinding white. Suddenly the teenage boy stood up and leaped for Christen. But Christen jabbed her elbow in his ribs making him stop. Christen gasped instantly feeling bad about hurting the boy. The Charcoal gray sweat shirt he was wearing started to rip. His blue jeans were beginning to turn red. And his neck started to bleed. Suddenly his face started to morph into a skull with hair. Then as quickly as it began, it ended.

 “Ow Chris, that really hurt.”

The boy ripped Christen’s swimming suit and pretended to wipe his tears. The piece of Christen’s swimsuit turned from Rose quartz to a dark red.

“What are you?”

The boy looked offended. “Wow Christen I leave for one month and you forget me, abuse me, and call me an alien. Honestly, I’m not surprised.”

Christen’s mouth slowly dropped. “What… I … I mean I didn’t mean…”

The boy chuckled, and then jumped back on his golden chair. “Oh come on Chris, can’t take a joke now?”

Christen stood staring at the boy, she was utterly confused. The boy’s face fell as he realized why Christen was staring at him.

“You really don’t know who I am?”

Christen shook her head. A single red tear fell from the boy’s right eye.

“Well that’s disappointing. I’m Jaycee Griffin, remember?”

Christen blinked her eyes, not remembering a Jaycee Griffin at all. “Well hi Jaycee. I’m Christen; do you know how we got here?”

Jaycee plopped down on the marble floor, and looked up at Christen, his eyes glassy. “Chris….” Jaycee shook his head and patted his hand on the floor next to him. “Sit Christen. I need to show you something.”

Christen sat down next to Jaycee. Jaycee touched the marble floor and a bright orb appeared. Christen’s eyes pop when she sees herself in the orb. “What is that?”

“That doesn’t matter, now just watch.”

Christen’s mouth closed as her eyes focused on the orb. She watched as a teenager who looked to be about 17 walk down a sort of busy sidewalk. He had Russet brown hair, Sea green eyes, and Peach orange skin. The boy, she realized was Jaycee. But this Jaycee seemed to be more alive, but he had tears in his eyes. There was a girl who also looked to be about 17 chasing after him. Her hair was a sort of brownish Auburn, her skin was tan enough to fit her, and her eyes were like Jaycee’s, green, but a little more blue. Christen understood that this was her.

“Jaycee!” She called. But it seemed that Jaycee couldn’t hear her.

Just as Jaycee is halfway across the street, he saw her. Christen was relieved but then suddenly brought to horror when she saw the swerving car driving dangerously close to Jaycee. Christen ran towards Jaycee screaming and waving her arms. Jaycee notices the car and tries to run back, but just a little too late. The car comes screeching in. Jaycee turns to look at Christen while Christen is screaming her head off. Just before the two objects collide, the image goes blurry. The real Christen buries her face in Jaycee’s sweatshirt.

“Why would you show me something so horrible?” She sobs.

Jaycee lifts her face up. “You need to understand. You don’t remember me because I’m a part of your future. This is my fate a few months after you get to know me.”

“Why are you showing me this?” Christen repeats.

“You need to understand that you can stop this.”

“What, How?”

“I’m not allowed to tell you Christen, you have to decide what you’re going to choose when the time comes. I can only tell you that you are still alive, you’re just a little bruised and a little shaken up but you’re going to get past the incident. Also make sure that the ones you trust should be trusted.”

“What do you mean?”

Jaycee smiles and kisses Christen’s forehead. “Just remember what I said. Now lay down.”


“Lay down. We’re going to send you back.”

 “But what if I don’t want to?”

 “Come on Christen, you know you can’t wait to meet me.”

Christen rolls her eyes and lays back again on the marble floor.

Jaycee sits beside her and hums a very sweet tune. “Goodbye my dear Christen. Maybe I’ll see you again someday.”

Christen closes her eyes and slowly transports back to the cold dark ocean.

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