Death is Only the Beginning

Christen is just an average 17 year old girl who went out for a swim one day with her 7 year old sister. She didn't expect to almost die, meet a soon to be ghost, and gain an enemy all in one day.


1. The Beginning


“Come on Christen! The water isn’t even that cold, it’s like swimming in a giant swimming pool.” Kumari said while running through the ocean.

For California, Kumari was extremely pale. She was 7 on the outside but 35 on the inside. She had long auburn hair that she always kept braided so it wouldn’t hide her Cambridge blue eyes and her five freckles on her rosy cheeks. She was wearing an Alice blue swimsuit and white swimming goggles.

“But Kumari, I don’t know about this. My gut is telling me not to.”

Kumari laughed. “What could one swim do to you?”

 Christen sighed at her adopted sister and touched the water with her big toe. She was partially afraid because the ocean looked dark and menacing, and also because she wasn’t the best swimmer in the world.

“I’m coming Kumari!”

Christen took a deep breath and moved towards the ocean so the water was up to her knees. She quickly looked back at her mother, who was sitting on a hill watching them carefully through big sunglasses. Even with the sunglasses, Christen could still see her worried lion brown eyes. And every time she got worried, she’d sweat, so her beautiful khaki brown hair was everywhere. And her wheat brown skin had turned maroon because she kept patting it down only to see it go back up. Christen smiled, this reminded her of the time her mom, Kelley and her dad, Christopher went on a hike with her. They had only made it in five minutes before they got lost. They actually even ended up falling in a small pond. And when they had walked through the trees, bugs jumped on them and bit their skin. When they finally made it home, it was the funniest thing in the world, especially when Kelley’s hair was a bug infested hay stack.

Christen waded in the water, faster and faster after each step. Suddenly she realized what she was doing and stopped but she was already chest deep in water.  After she breathed for 2 minutes, she began to get used to the vast ocean and swam in circles.

She noticed Kumari looking at her with awe. “You’re doing it Chrissie!”

When Christen stopped swimming, Kumari pointed down. “Oh Chris, look it’s a fish, a very beautiful fish!”

Kumari dived down towards the fish, while Christen just sank. By the time Christen caught up with Kumari, the fish was already gone, and Kumari was looking on the ocean floor for sand dollars. Christen kicked a rock in an attempt to reach for Kumari’s hand. She screamed in pain but quickly stopped when she realized she was losing air. Kumari looked at her in concern, and Christen pointed up, which meant head up for air. Kumari must have understood because she immediately began to rise to the top like a bullet. Christen slowly moved up and her nose barely reached the surface when she was suddenly forced back down. Christen looked down at her feet and realized that when she hit the rock trying to get Kumari, her foot got entangled in seaweed. Christen pulled on the seaweed but it wouldn’t budge. Christen felt her energy leave her, her lungs slowly shrinking, and the throbbing pain in her foot. Christen slowly sank feeling more and more tired.

“Help Me.” Christen mouthed.

The last thing she saw before passing out was the bright sun being devoured by strands of red and the dark ocean. 

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