Death is Only the Beginning

Christen is just an average 17 year old girl who went out for a swim one day with her 7 year old sister. She didn't expect to almost die, meet a soon to be ghost, and gain an enemy all in one day.


3. Explanation Please


“Christen! Honey wake up! Wake up baby!”

Christen comes to puking up sea water and coughing. The people around her give off cheers.

“That boy’s a hero!”

“He deserves a reward!”

Christen opens her eyes to see the boy from her dreams sitting over her. He had the same Russet brown hair, Sea green eyes, and Peach orange skin except he was wearing a red shirt and jeans and not his bloody gray hoodie.

“What are you doing here Jaycee?” Christen asked.

Jaycee gave her a confused look. “Did we meet? I’m Jaycee and I just saved your life.”

Christen looked around and seen her mother in a haystack panic next to her, Kumari was crying all over Christen’s stomach, and the rest of the frantic beach goers were watching the boy in awe.

“Oh my baby you’re okay!” Kelley started screaming before pulling Christen in a big hug. “Thank you Jaycee so much, I need to take Christen to the hospital, you’re welcomed to join us.”

“Um, mom I feel fine.” Christen interrupted.

“Well then he can come over for lunch. I need to thank this boy properly if it’s okay with your parents.”

Jaycee shrugged. “I live with my older brother. He doesn’t really care.”

“Well then it’s settled.” Kelley said before taking Jaycee by one hand and Christen with the other and leading them to her car.

‘If you ever need an overreacting parent, just call my mother.’ Christen thought to herself before climbing in the car. 

The ride home was awkward for Christen. She couldn't help but stare at Jaycee. He was exactly like how she remembered in her dream. How could she remember him if she never met him! "So did you just move here Jaycee?" Kelley asked while stopping the car in front of Lil Caesars. "Um yeah. Me and my brother lived in Florida before this and Wisconsin before that. California's very different." Kelley nodded. "We're welcomed to have you. Christen keep our guest busy while I buy the pizzas." Christen wanted to protest but she knew her mother would just overreact more. "So Jaycee did you just see me and decide to save me?" Christen asked while smoothing her sleeping sister's hair down. "I actually wasn't anywhere near the water. I got this feeling that you were drowning. I know it sounds very weird but it's true." Christen's eyes widened. 'Did he have the same dream as me?' "What was the feeling? Was it like a dream?" He shook his head. "More like a vision. I was sitting on the beach when I woke up in this room. I started watching this video on this orb thing. I was running away from you for some reason and you kept calling my name. I had turned around and looked at you when this car came and I think it hit me. The next thing I know I'm in the water saving you." Christen took in a deep breath and looked at Jaycee with watery eyes. "You seen it to? I thought I was just going crazy. Jaycee do you believe in destiny?" He nodded. Christen explained to him about her dream. "I don't see how you knowing I'm going to die in a car accident is going to help. You can't change fate." "But what if it's my destiny to save you. Or maybe us knowing now will prevent the accident from happening." "You said that I said to make sure that those you trust should be trusted, right? What if the accident wasn't an accident? Why was I running away from you in the first place?" Christen shrugged. "Maybe I said something. I'm very impulsive. Or maybe you just didn't hear me calling you." Jaycee nodded. "Okay but if this really does happen, we're going to have to look for any signs now. Any reasons why someone would want to kill me or why I would be mad at you." "Okay sure, oh and thanks for saving me." Jaycee smiled before wrapping an arm around Christen. "The pleasure was all mine." Kelley climbed back in the car and the kids quickly separated. "I hope you kids like sausage." Christen and Jaycee both made disgusted faces at each other before laughing hysterically.
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