Daisy has gone through heartbreak to many times. But what happens when she realizes the one for her has been there all along?

Daisy and Harry have been best friends since birth, they do everything together, will they realize they love each other more than friends? Do they owe it to themselves to start something?

Follow Daisy and her story in "Always".


5. Twitcam

I woke up in the morning feeling happy and bright. Harry and the guys left last night so i had my bed all to myself. 

I walked over to my dresser and grabbed my phone and selected Ed's contact ( yes Ed Sheeran, we've been buddies since i was 7, so about 10 years)

I sent him this text :

missing you 
its a cold december and your not here to keep me warm! (;
haha xx 

within about a minute i got a text back 

Sure thing babe! 
Be there soon, 
have you been listening to my music again? huh? 
xx -Ed

with that i grabbed my clothes and slipped them on :

i then did some winged eyeliner and some cherry blush then sprayed myself with my signature strawberry perfume. 

a knock on the door came followed by the voice of Ed Sheeran.

" here! and i brought a friend i hope you dont mind!" Ed yelled from downstairs.

i ran down and tripped on the last step causing me to tumble to the floor, but before i hit the ground two pairs of arms grabbed me and helped me up. 

i looked at my saviors: Ed and.. Rupert Grint?!?!?!?! ( aka Ron Weasley) 

" woah okay, pretty sure im seeing things" i said

" this is Rupert, hes with me shooting a music video, but we are just hanging right now" Ed said 

" Hi" Rupert said giving me his hand

" uh.. um.. Hi" i said, trying so hard not to crap my pants, Hes been my friggen childhood! ive grown up with the Harry Potter movies.

I smiled and walked into the kitchen.

" do you guys want something to drink?" i yelled over my shoulder.

" sure, we'll have your signature drink" Ed winked " trust me its amazing" He added looking at Ron i mean Rupert.

i smiled and took out the blender, ice, lemonaid, stawberrys, and vodka ( shhh ). 

i added it all in the blender and blended it for like 10 seconds.

once the drinks were poured i walked over to the couch and sat down taking my phone out displaying 7 new texts :

Hey wanna do something today? x - Harry 

BANANA PHONE buhhbaaabee lets get 2 getheeerr xxx -Louis

Hey do you have food at yours? xx -Niall

Baaaaaaabeeeee i wanna see you ! answer me xxxx -Harry

i would text Harry back hes getting scared but we all know your probally sleeping xx -Zayn

We are coming over, its not like you to ignore us xx- Liam

Hey are you okay? we are on our way xx - Harry 

OH MY LORD these boys worry to much. 

i sent a reply to them all saying :

Hey guys! Sorry i never looked at my phone! im okay haha Ed's here with Rupert Grint :o im totaly fangirling. see you soon? xx -Daisy

just as i sent that 5 worried looking boys burst in the door. 

" DAISY !" Niall yelled 

Ed and Rupert looked at me weirdly. 

i got up and ran into the other room were they were.

i was soon embrassed in a HUGE hug. 

" guys im okay! i just sent you a text" i said out of breath

they all then looked at there phone and their faces lit up.

" ROOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN !!!!! " Niall screamed while running into the kitchen.

we all followed cracking up.

when i turned the corner to the kitchen i saw Niall hugging a confused looking Rupert. 

" Niall i think your scaring him" Liam pointed out

Niall then released Rupert and sat down on the couch, followed by the rest of us. 

I sat inbetween Harry and Liam. 

" we need to make another video for Youtube, its been like 2 months" Louis pointed out. 

with that i got up and ran upstairs and grabbed my camera and the camera stand, its and HD camera :) 

i then ran back down and placed the camera infront of the couch so that all of us could be seen. 

The seating order was: Ed, Zayn, Rupert, and Niall on the couch. With Louis sitting near Ed's feet, Liam by zayns, Me by Rupert, and Harry by Niall. 

i pressed a remote and it started recording : 


And im Daisy - Me ( everyone knew who i was, basically like eleanor, but shes not in this story)

and im Ron weasly aka Rupert Grint - Rupert

and im Ed sheeran- ed 

i thought you were Ed Sheerwalk? - Me

all the guys started laughing.

We are going to sing you a song - Me

We are? - 1D & Rupert & Ed

Yes, Lego house, by Ed Sheerwalk - Me

all the guys smiled at me and we started singing :

I'm gonna pick up the pieces,and build a lego houseif things go wrong we can knock it down - Ed

My three words have two meanings,-Liam

there's one thing on my mindIt's all for you - Harry

And it's dark in a cold December, but I've got ya to keep me warm - Me 

I winked at Ed due to my text i sent earlier 

and if you're broken I will mend ya and keep you sheltered from the storm that's raging on now- Niall

I'm out of touch, I'm out of loveI'll pick you up when you're getting down - Rupert

and out of all these things I've done I think I love you better now- Zayn

I'm out of sight, I'm out of mindI'll do it all for you in timeAnd out of all these things I've done - Louis

I think I love you better now, now - Me and Harry 

Me and Harry looked at eachother and smiled, becuase we both tried finishing the song at the same time, causing us to sing the same lyrics that meant so much. 

" YAAAAAAAY" Louis screamed causing me and Harry to break eye contact. 

Niall then jumped on me and harry and pushed as together, making us Kiss. 

I then realized i was proably going to get so much hate becuase the video was live and more that 500 thousand people were watching it.

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