Daisy has gone through heartbreak to many times. But what happens when she realizes the one for her has been there all along?

Daisy and Harry have been best friends since birth, they do everything together, will they realize they love each other more than friends? Do they owe it to themselves to start something?

Follow Daisy and her story in "Always".


7. The Other Dates

So after Harry did his whole little song and speech thing, i noticed i could walk around the carnival without death threats. SCORE. 

This is going to be the best night ive had in a while, after the Carnival The boys, The girls, Ed, and Rupert are coming over. 

Me and Rupert have gotten closer since he came over that time with Ed. I also get to meet the rest of the Harry Potter cast some time in the future. wooooooooh. 

Okay back to the Carnival.

Me and Harry are now walking without security becuase suprisingly the directioners dont mind me after Harrys performance. 

" hey lets go on the ferris wheel " Harry said while we were walking hand in hand

" yeah sure " i said with a smile. 

we got in line at the ferris wheel and started talking about what to do when we got home.

" lets party hard " we both said at the same time

" yes " we said at the same time, again. 

we both laughed as we entered our cart thing.

we sat close together still holding hands, we both wore sweaters and scarfs for it was cold, and the stars twinkled above us as the trees lit up below from christmas lights. 

" perfect " Harry said in an admiring tone.

" i know i was just thinking the same thing" i said scanning the view 

" i was talking about you " harry said before i turned to face him. 

" i love you Daisy " he said softly

" i love you too " i replied before we were wrapped up in another kiss. 

This kiss was sweet and meaningful, it had so much power in it, i could litteraly feel the love radiating of harrys body, if that makes sense? 

now i realize it, i dont care where i go in life as long as i have my bestfriend and lover with me, in other words, Harry is all i need and want.


Me and Rivkah are on one of those 2 person swan boats. we are gliding over the glistening water which is dancing on Rivkahs face making it glow. 

She honestly is beautiful. Woahhhh hold it Payne, its only been like 4 hours, you cant fall for a girl that quickly.

" so liam, tell me, what kind of things do you like to do ? " she asked turning to me

" well, i like to sing obviously, um i also like traveling? like to paris and greece, " i replied looking into her eyes

" ive always wanted to go to Paris " she replied turning away

" well maybe if we get to know eachother i could take you " i said, trying to flirt but failing misserably.

" i would like that, alot " she said turning back to me and smiling. 

Well... maybe i could fall for a girl in 4 hours... 


" well have a box of cheese pizza, 2 fried dough, a side of french fries, and 2 medium pepsis please" i asked the food lady. 

" not to much food is it? " i asked Jess, shes a cool girl.

" not at all, i eat alot, but i never gain weight so its perfect." she replied flashing her beautiful smile

" FINALLY ! a girl that likes to eat just like me " i responded, this girl is honestly to great so far. 

The food lady gave us our food and we went and sat by the shinning lake like a picnic. 

" you know this is kind of like one of those romance movies, with the whole lake, and food and stuff. " she smiled.

" you into that kind of stuff then? " i said taking a bite of my pizza. 

" yeah im into all movies, even if i dont get half of the stuff said " she replied while taking a sip of pepsi. 

this girl is honestly.... perfect. 


So me and Ashley are hitting it off pretty well. 

Currently we are having a debate on which movie would make a better play.

" Grease deffinatly grease " i said, flashing back to when i was in the Grease play.

" no no no! Deffinatly not, Tarzan would make such a better play." she said sarcasticly

" i honestly love Grease, its such a good movie, and when its in play form its so much better." she added.

" you like plays then ? " i asked interested

" Oh yeah! ive been the leading role each year ive been involved, i want to be an actress " she said

Oh my lord. this girl right here is so perfect.

" really? like in what kind of film? " i asked

" well i have an audition for the role of Caronline in the vampire diaries, theyre making it into a TV show, carolines supost to be some bitchy teen that turns into a vampire, so i thought it could be interesting to play." she said happily.

" well then, i hope you get the part, and if you do, i'll watch every episode " i smiled.

im starting to like her.


Me and Kayley are playing ring toss right now. and shes winning. 

" HA ! beat that Malik " she said while grinning 

i tried to get the ring over the bottle but failed 

She came up behind me and whispered in my ear

" looks like i win, now whats my prize? " she said flirtaciously

i turned around so we were facing eachother

" what did you have in mind? " i asked her returning the flirty comment

" cotton candy, why what did you think you pervert?" she asked in a joking tone and then smiled at me 

this girl knows how to play games.

" well then, lets go get some cotton candy " i smiled 

she then intertwined our fingers so we were holding hands then kissed my cheek 

" thank you Mr.Malik" she said smiling before dragging me to the cotton candy stand stunned.

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