Daisy has gone through heartbreak to many times. But what happens when she realizes the one for her has been there all along?

Daisy and Harry have been best friends since birth, they do everything together, will they realize they love each other more than friends? Do they owe it to themselves to start something?

Follow Daisy and her story in "Always".


6. The Girls

Due to recent events, i can no longer walk outside my house without having someone through stuff at me. 


So the past couple of days have been a drag. 

Im currently having a vampire diaries marathon. 

The boys come over a lot to say hi. 

Harrys over all the time. 

and right now im eating sandwitches with my good pal Niall. 

" sorry again for making you stay inside this whole time" Niall said

" its fine, i mean its not like you made me and harry makeout on perpourse. " i said sarcasticly.

i wasnt mad but i like messing with Niall

Niall pouted and resumed eating his sandwitch.

" WE HAVE A PLAN!" Harry screamed from the other room.

turns out harrys plan was a plan to get me out of the house safely. 

he handed me a bag with a discize in it, it also had a discize for each of the boys. so we took them out and put them on.

we looked like fools. 

Mustaches, nerd glasses, sombreros, ponchos, and really baggy pants. 

i laughed as we headed outside. the air felt so nice on my skin. 

we got so many weird looks walking down the street, but it was so worth it. 


Oh my god. 

soon we were at out destination. The mall. 

we walked into my favorite store : Jack Wills

Liam then walked over to a worker and explained who they were and the situation we are in, so the lady brought us over to a private changing area to try on our stuff. 

i ripped off my mustache and took eveything else off and was in my bra and undies while the rest of the guys were in boxers. no we are not all going to have one massive orgie. we are just trying on our clothes. 

me and the guys were going to the carnival tonight, without disguises becuase we are going to have security guards with us. SO i have to buy an outfit. 

once we all bought our stuff we put our desguises back on and headed home. 

" Hey guys it's okay that i invite a few friends round right? " i asked as we stepped inside my house.

" depends, are they girls? " Niall asked.

" Yes Niall they are girls " i laughed out

within half an hour i had my girls with me.

Rivkah, Kayley, Ashley, and Jess. 

theyre all so sweet. 

when Rivkah walked in the room liams eyes widened. i can see this working out. Liam & Rivkah. 

Rivkah came already dressed up, so she stayed downstairs with the guys while Me, Kayley, Ashley, and Jess went up to my room.

" sooo tell us about Harry" Jess said as soon as my door was shut.

i smiled and looked at the floor. 

" hes great " 

" how did you guys become an item? " Ashley asked sweetly. 

Throughout the course of an hour i explained mine and harrys date ontop of the hill and the girls were great listeners. we were soon dressed and our makeup was perfect. 

This is what we were wearing:

while we were all upstairs im guessing Rivkah and Liam bonded becuase they were sitting fairly close.

" right, you ready then? " i asked the group.

we headed out the house and showed up at the carnival with security with us. 

" okay so i think we should go in pairs." i said, this way it will be easiyer for security.

" Me with Harry obviously.
Rivkah with Liam.
Zayn with Kayley beacuse your both wearing varsity jackets.
Niall with Jess becuase i know you both and i know you wouldnt mind staying at the food the whole time.
and that leaves Louis with Ashley, both of you are like the same person so youll hit it off." i instructed. 

with one last smile we all headed our seperate ways. 

Me and harry headed over to the dance floor and started slow dancing. 

" your beautiful " he whipered in my ear.

i smiled into his chest.

i was then patted on the back.

" May i have this dance? " Louis called from behind me

i looked at Harry who grinned 

" i have to go to the bathroom so i'll be back in a minute" Harry said before turning away.

i wondered if Harry was mad at me. he didnt look it, so hopefully he wasnt.

Louis then put his hands on my waist and i put my hands on his shoulders. 

we started swaying back and forth before a familar voice filled the air. 

I spun around to see Harry sitting on a chair on stage with a guitar and standing microphone.

" Before i sing a song i would like you all to know something. 
Daisy has been getting a lot of hate from you guys lately and to tell you the truth, you hate on her, you hate on me. Becuase she makes me who i am. Shes been a part of my life for 17 years and thats not going to change. i love you all, but when you hurt Daisy.. your hurting me. becuase i love her with everything in me and it pains me to see her hurt. Shes my bestfriend and my girlfriend, well that is if she'll take me." 

he looked at me and i giggled and nodded.

" i want you all to know that your all great but please dont hurt her. shes everything i am. i want you guys to except that. becuase its always been her and it always will be her. i love you Daisy." 

He then started to sing:

This is unfamiliar but i feel my heart yearning for more
I’ve been thru some battles but now i realize what I’m fighting for

i smiled rembering Harry fighting Mason for me

see I’ve been running in circles left with no one to find
left with no expectations because love was unkind

i thought of all the girls harrys gone through trying to find the one

’til we found we& made me believe

a tear gently rolled down my cheek

This love’s like a star that fell from the sky and now I see it burning in your eyes there’s
no holding back it’s all or nothing or at all
time for you and i to break down the walls
This feels like a dream come true
I found all the answers when I found you
my love

Everyone cheered, and i mean everyone. 

i was then pushed on stage by louis. 

Harrys arms wrapped around me and we soon had our lips connected. my tears soaked his face and i felt him smile into the kiss as we broke apart. 

The whole area " awwwwwwwed" 

All the directioners in the crowd were crying but smiling, hopefully this means they can grow to like me.

i looked into the distance and saw Rivkah and Liam holding hands smiling at us.

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