Daisy has gone through heartbreak to many times. But what happens when she realizes the one for her has been there all along?

Daisy and Harry have been best friends since birth, they do everything together, will they realize they love each other more than friends? Do they owe it to themselves to start something?

Follow Daisy and her story in "Always".


4. Pranks

i woke that morning to find zayn ontop of me, niall sleeping on my feet, Harry spread out on the floor, Liam rested on my shoulder, and Louis sleeping upside down against the wall. What the Fu........

i tried to get up but zayns weight was to much. 

" zayn, get up. your crushing me." i shook him

his eyes slowley opened and he got off of me.

" Sorry Daisy, i dont know how i got there" zayn said tiredly

i chuckled and then shook Niall, for he was on my feet still. 

he stirred awake and he shot up.

" where am i? oh hey daisy" he smiled

" hi niall" i winked back

i then got off of my bed and walked over to Liam and woke him up with one shake

" Good morning" he said in a sleepy voice

I smiled at him

Now we have to wake Louis.

" ohhhhh Louuuuuuuuuuuuu, im pregnant with youuur baaabbbbyyyy!" i screamed in his ear.

" WHAT?" he jumped up

when he noticed it was me he smiled becuase he knew that was impossible becuase weve never had sex. well.... hahahah just kidding. weve never had sex. 

" Daisy, you sure know how to wake a man." he smiled.

" shall i wake harry" Niall asked.

" nope. ive got other plans for him." i smiled an evil grin and caught Zayns eye, he was my partner in crime. 

with that second me and zayn ran out of my room and down to the kitchen.

" whipped cream?" zayn called out

" YUP! read my mind" i replied.

he then went to the fridge and took out the whipped cream. 

with one last evil smirk we both ran upstairs and back into my room to the sleeping harry.

zayn tossed me the whipped cream and i pulled up the top of Harrys boxers and sprayed all the contents onto his ........... thing.

he started to wake up so i threw the whipped cream bottle at Niall and me and zayn ducked behind Liam.

" what the hell? Niall! " Harry woke

" it was Daisy i swear! " he said innosently.

i then ran out of the room with zayn following me. we hid in the living room behind the sofa. 

" Daisy i know your there" harry called from infront of the couch.

my head popped up and i smiled sweetly at him.

" nope. you have to lick it off." he smirked

" Eew! Harry! no way!" i replied half cracking up.

he just smiled at me.


Luckily i never had to lick off the whipped cream. Harry showered and everyone got on with their daily activitys. 

Harry told me to dress in whatever for our "date" thing tonight, so i dressed in this :

i sprayed myself with strawberry purfume and felt pretty. IM READY FOR THIS! 

" hey you ready?" Harry called from downstairs

" Yeah!" i yelled and then flew downstairs.

Harry smiled at me

" Beautiful as always" he wispered into my ear causing a wave of excitement through my body.

he then took my hand and led me outside

" so were are we going?" i asked as he walked me down the street

" you'll see." he replyed with a smile

after about 15 minutes of talking and walking Harry brought me ontop on a beautifull hill.

Layed out infrount of me was a blanket with a guitar, chocolate covered strawberrys, sushi, and
strawberry-lemonaid. he knows me oh so well. all my favorite foods.

i looked at him and he smiled at me and instructed me to sit down. i looked around at my surroundings.

We were ontop of a hill with a blossom tree next to us, there was a small lake next to the hill where the setting sun was shinning. and the most beautiful sight of all : Harry.

we were just finnishing up eating when Harry grabbed his guitar.

" i want to play you a song i wrote " Harrys voice spoke

he then started to sing me this : ( i know its an Ed Sheeran song but just pretend Harry wrote it )

i smiled at him and sipped on my lemonaid as he sang his heart out.

i honestly love everything about him. 

the sun glistened off his eyes as he sang to me. 

" lets go for a swim" harry said once he was done.

"what?" i said, before i could protest, Harrys arms wrapped around me and he ran down to the lake and jumped in with me in his arms. 

i laughed as he span me around in his arms. 

he let me down slowly and the water was the only noise for miles. 

the sunset was lighting up the water and harry with a warm glow.

" i love you Daisy, and thats never going to change." 

Before i could respond sweet lips crashed onto mine, our lips moving in perfect sync, my arms wrapped around his neck while his wrapped around my waist pulling me in more. 

the kiss was even better than the one in Paris, and to me it ment so much more, for at that moment, nothing else materred in the world.

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