Daisy has gone through heartbreak to many times. But what happens when she realizes the one for her has been there all along?

Daisy and Harry have been best friends since birth, they do everything together, will they realize they love each other more than friends? Do they owe it to themselves to start something?

Follow Daisy and her story in "Always".


1. " It wasn't real "

" It wasn't real Daisy." Mason spat. my heart was breaking into thousands of pieces. my boyfriend of two years was breaking up with me. " it never was. it was all a lie. i never loved you. it was always Alyssa, it will always be Alyssa." he finished. 

Alyssa is the town slut. She's hooked up with more boys than ive ever layed eyes on. And apparently, Mason has been cheating on me with her for our whole relationship. 

With one last look of hate, he turned around and left me outside at the park. It was raining of course. how predictable. 

i layed outside in the rain for what seemed like hours. just letting the cold rain sweep away my hot tears that once longed for Mason. Mason no longer means anything to me. i hate him. But the fact that i once put my whole heart in his hands and he just squeezed the life out if it, just kills me. i loved him so much. and he just took advantage of me. 

knowing i couldnt lie here forever, i pused myself of the ground and slumped away from the park, leaving my pride behind. How could i be so dumb? he never was a good boyfriend, ever. yet i still let the relationship drag on. 

I walked up the steps to my house and unlocked the door. Throwing my wet coat on the floor, i slumped up the stairs and dragged myself down the hall to my bedroom. I flopped onto my bed and looked up to my ceiling. i was hating myself right now. so much. 

I pulled myself off my bed and headed into the bathroom and ran the bath. i looked at myself in the mirror and felt discusted. My strawberry blond hair was dripping wet, making it stick to my olive colored skin. My lightning blue eyes looked dull and gray from my tears. after looking at myself a little longer, i walked over to the now full bath and grabbed some cotton candy bath salt before plunging into the boiling water. 

i let the water seep up to my neck, imerging my body into a blanket of warmth. right now it feels like nothing else matters. the hot water is making my tensed mucsels relax. 

after lathering my body and hair with my cotton candy bath soap, i hopped out of the bath feeling clean and new. I grabbed a warm fluffy towel off of the towel rack and it hugged my body. once i dried my hair and body, i walked back into my room and over to my dresser. i found a nice pink cashmier sweater that was a little big on me, some compy gray yoga shorts, and a pair of fluffy gray socks. 

Once i was dressed i slumped onto my bed and checked my phone. 


Was flashing on my screen. and yes, it was Harry from one direction. we have been bestfriends since birth. 
i loved him with everything in me and he loved me back. in a friendship way of course! 

Without hessitation i opened the text.

Hey Daisy come over. Louis is here too and i miss you :( xx-Harry 

i laughed at the text. i saw him yesterday and he misses me. typical harry. 

i texted him back.

i don't know if im up for it. Mason dumped me after telling me he never loved me. Daisy sad ): xx -Daisy

within a minute i had a new text.

that dick. me and lou are coming over yours then and we arent taking no for an answer.
be there soon xx -Harry 

i sent a simple text saying okay before going back to the bathroom to do some simple makeup. 

i reached into my vera bradley makeup pouch and took out some petal pink blush, black eyeliner, and some masscara. 

After applying it all i looked at myself in the mirror. 

My strawberry blond hair was wavy and smooth and went down to my belly button. My striking blue eyes had a black line of eyeliner on the top, but not bottom. and my flawless face was glowing with my cheeks a light fluffy pink. Yeah im pretty, but i dont whore around because of it.

i heard talking downstairs and i knew it had to be harry and louis becuase my parents live over in america. your probaly wondering how old i am, im 17. my parents have work over in america so they left me here and they put money in my bank account every week so i can live. 

i ran down the stairs and saw Harry and Louis ( yes Louis from 1D) staring at me. 

" you know Daisy, for someone who has just been dumped, you look beautiful." Louis chuckled. 

i emmbrassed him in a warm hug and Harry came from behind and i was soon in a Daisy sandwitch. 

" you guys are smooshing me!!" I said between laughs. 

Once they realesed i smiled at them with my pearl white teeth. 

" we brought over some stuff to get you through your break up" harry smiled proudly. 

i looked in the basket and it had junk food, movies, and some other cool stuff. 

" i love you guys so much." i said before embraseing them in another hug. 

" we love you too" they said simutaniously. 

I let another smile loose before harry rapped his arm around my waist and led me into my bedroom to watch movies with him and louis. 

i love these boys. and i would be lost without them.

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