Daisy has gone through heartbreak to many times. But what happens when she realizes the one for her has been there all along?

Daisy and Harry have been best friends since birth, they do everything together, will they realize they love each other more than friends? Do they owe it to themselves to start something?

Follow Daisy and her story in "Always".


2. i love you

I woke up in the morning to blinding light coming from my window. UGH. 

Harry was sleeping to my right and Louis to my left. They are honestly so sweet. I would have been alone crying if it wasnt for them.

i slowly krept out of my bed so i didnt wake them. after almost waking harry from a foot to the face, i quietly walked over to my dresser and grabbed this :

once i grabbed my clothes i grabbed my makeup pouch and brought it all into the bathroom. i layed my stuff on the side of the sink and stripped down to hop into the shower. 

The water felt so nice on my skin. Once i lathered myself in strawberry boddy wash and vanilla shampoo, i jumped out and wrapped a fluffy towel around me. 

Grabbing my clothes, i put them on doing a little dance. Today will be a good day. and i wont let anyone ruin it *Cough Cough* Mason. ugh hate him. 

I was done with my look in 30 minutes. i had glitter shadow on, a line of black eyeliner on the top, not bottom. and some light pink lipstain. My hair lay in soft spirals down my back, with my soft beanie on top. i looked in the mirror and smiled. 

with one last look i walked out the bathroom and into my room. Harry and Louis were still fast asleep but locked in eachothers arms. Oh my gosh i have to take a picture of this. 

Once i had my picture ( which was adorable by the way) i walked out my room and flew down to the kitchen. To my dislike there was no food. FML. i grabbed a sticky note and a sharpie and wrote the following :

Went to TESCO to buy some food.
Don't miss me ;)
Love you lots xx

I then ran upstairs to my room and stuck the sticky note on Louis' face :) but softly enough not to wake him. 

i then retreated back downstairs and grabbed my phone and purse/satchel thing. 

When i stepped outside, the cold air crept over my body making me shiver. Luckly TESCO was just down the street so i dont have to freeze my nuggets off. I took my iPhone out and put my headphones in my ears and put on You need me, I dont need you by Ed Sheeran. Thinking of Mason. Hes such a dickalopalis. < what? 

I walked past a couple who were in eachothers arms smiling. That was me and Mason only a week ago. Was it all fake? 

Soon my eyes were brimmed with tears. NO! i shook the tears away. Im stronger than this, i dont need him. 

Soon i was at TESCO. I practically ran to the bakery section. 

I grabbed a cart and pilled in cakes, scones, muffins, eggs, bacon, sausage, bread, stuffing, chicken, yorkshire pudding batter, brownies, ham, turkey, roast beef, oreos, gummy snacks, quavers, Chips (french fries), Crisps ( chips), and some candy. OH MY LORD IM SO FAT. well this is foor the week so i guess im not that fat, plus i dont know how long the boys will be over for. 

I desided i wanted to get some movies to watch. I took the weird escilator that has no steps but its more like a moving slope? yeah that. And i walked/ran over to the movie section. 

I picked up The Inbetweeners Movie ( honestly the best movie. you have to see it), Harry Potter 7 1/2 ( i dont want to spell out the whole name), and The titanic. 

I turned a corner to pay for my stuff when i realized that Mason works here. Crap. why the hell didnt i think of that before? i slowly walked up to the only avalible cash register ( Masons) and put my stuff on the table thing. 

" Daisy?" Masons voice said into my ear. i realized he was behind me and a little to close.

" Mason get off of me." i pleaded, struggling to get away.

" No. i want you back." he said with force. stepping closer.

" well im afraid it dosnt work that way." i spat, spinning around and pushing him away from me.

" bitch." he spat while he finished scanning my items. 

" 118.95" he said.

i gave him my card and he swiped it and gave it back. 

With one last bitchy look i walked away from him with my stuff in bags. 

Once i was out of TESCO i started walking home.

" i wasnt done with you you bitch." i heard Mason call to me.

i started to run from him but he caught up just as i was about to get to my door. 

I felt a numb feeling in my lower calf and i realized he kicked my with full force. Bastard. 

I let out a bloodcurdling scream.

Just as Mason puched my back Harry and Louis came out of the house followed by Liam, zayn, and Niall. When did they get here? 

Mason was ripped off of me and Liam punched him in the face. Followed by Harry punching him in the stomach. Niall helped me inside before i saw the rest.

I was swept into Nialls arms and carried inside and up to my room, he softly placed me in my bed and he got in next to me. 

He wiped off my stinging tears.

" shhh its okay, where does it hurt?" he whispered.

i pointed to my now swollen leg.

he looked down and his eyes got wide.

" what? is it missing? " i said feeling stupid after i said it.

" no its still there." he laughed " but your not going to be able to walk for a few days, i would say about 3." 

" where would i be without you fools?" i smiled.

Niall laughed and snuggled up to me. 

Zayn, Louis, And Liam walked in, followed by a pissed off bleeding Harry. 

" oh my god Harry are you okay?" i tried to get up.

" oh no you dont, if you try and walk on that it could become serious." Liam said.

" i dont care" i said before hopping down onto my Okay leg. i then hopped on my one good leg over to Harry. 

" what happend?" i asked in consern

" Mason got pissed at something Harry said to him, but we sorted it out, you wont be hearing from Mason anytime soon." Louis said

" you didnt kill him did you? and what did harry say to piss Mason off?" i wondered

" No we didnt kill him" Zayn laughed. " and well i think Harry should tell you what he said." 

Then Harry's voice broke through my heart. Those words i never expected to hear from him. 

" I told him.... I love you." 

" well i love you too Harry, thats why we are bestfriends." i replyed.

" no. i mean i love you." 

i sat there in silence.

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