Daisy has gone through heartbreak to many times. But what happens when she realizes the one for her has been there all along?

Daisy and Harry have been best friends since birth, they do everything together, will they realize they love each other more than friends? Do they owe it to themselves to start something?

Follow Daisy and her story in "Always".


3. Bath Time

I stood there in shock. Harry was looking at me with wanting eyes. While the rest of the guys kept looking from Harry to me. So many girls would love to be in this situation. But i dont know..

" Harry I... i dont know what to say." is all that came out my mouth.

I soft tear rolled down my cheek and soon i was embrassed in Harrys warm arms. 

" it's okay, ive lived with being your bestfriend for 17 years. i can wait a little longer. " he grinned.

i love him so much. i thought that knowing he had feelings for me would be awkward, but its not. 

" come on lets get you cleaned up. " Harry said, and with one easy swoop, i was up in Harrys arms. 

i was then carried into the bathroom and placed down on the floor gentely. 

Harry then ran the bath tub and put in my cotton candy bubble bath. He knows me so well -.-

i was taking of my shirt when i realized that the rest of the guys were in the bathroom too. 

" uhm.. could you guys get out?" i said awkwardly.

" How come Harry gets to stay in!" Niall pouted.

" dude. ive been her best friend for 17 years. ive seen all of her and shes seen all of me. Hey Daisy remeber that time we got wasted in paris and you ran down the street nak-" harry began

" Okay! we get it" i said 

i was blushing like mad but the boys left and shut the door behind them leaving me and Harry awkwardly laughing. 

" i dont belive you just said that." i said hopping into the tub. 

he just grinned as he sat down in the corner of the bathroom. 

" we should do that again sometime" he said

" do what?" i asked as i was shaving my legs. ( awk hhaahha )

" paris" he smiled

*****FLASHBACK *******

It was me and Harry and some other people gathered around a fire, we were all wasted and thinking of things to do. 

" Lets play truth or dare!" some guy named Peter yelled out.

we all cheered in agreement. 

people were dared to do crazy things like strip down naked and run down the street yelling lady gaga lyrics ( which is what i was dared -.-) 

it was then Harrys turn and some girl named Elena dared him to kiss the most attractive girl in the group. 

all the girls looked at him longingly for they all had MAJOR crushes on him.

before i could see who he picked, soft lips came crahing onto mine. harrys scent radiated off my body as he fiercefuly kissed me. he tasted of alchahol but the kiss wasnt sloppy like most drunk kisses were. As he pulled away i felt something, it was like i wanted him. and now i think about it, he wanted me too. 

** End of Flashback**

" Daaaaaaaaaaisyyy are you there? you just completely blanked out." harry called

" oh yeah, sorry Harry." i said snapping back into reality. 

" i was asking if you were going to the Carnival? " Harry said while looking me in the eyes

" oh i dont know, i was asked to work at the kissing booth. but i dont really want to." i said

and with that moment, all the boys burst into the bathroom.

" doooooooooooo it!" louis cooed

" it will be hilarious!" niall screamed

" think of all the old men!" Zayn laughed 

" oh my god guys! thats discusting. " i giggled

everyone laughed. this is what i live for. these 5 boys are what keep me up and running. 

" SHAMPOO TIME!" Niall screamed before grabbing my strawberry shampoo and squeezing it into my hair.

" hahahahah Niall! " i laughed out

Niall then washed my hair for me -.- while louis and liam painted my Toes and Harry was painting my fingers. Zayn of course, was videotaping it all and taking pictures. 

" TWITTER TIME!" Zayn screamed. 

about 30 seconds later, all of our phones buzzed.


everyone then scrambled to their phones but me & Niall becuase 1. i was in the bathtub and 2. Niall had shampoo all over his hands.

Then the whole room burst with Laughter. 

Liam then showed me his phone: 


@zaynmalik: all the lads @NiallOfficail @Harry_Styles @Real_Liam_Payne @Louis_Tomlinson w/ lovely @Daisy_Peirce BATH TIME . 

attached was a photo of me in the bath with all the boys surrounding me. Nialls face was priceless in it. he looked so interested in shampooing my hair. while harry, louis, and Liam were so into painting my nails. and then there was my face. i looked so happy and smug. it was hilarious. 

" oh my god thats great!" i said laughing. 

* later on that night * 

" what should i order? " Liam called from downstairs.

all of us were cuddling in my bed choosing what movie to watch. and yes, my bed is huge. 

" NANDOS!" Niall screamed out. 

once everything was ordered, me and Harry offered to pick it up. 

i grabbed my coat and scarf and wrapped it around me while Harry grabbed my pink blanket and wrapped it around himself. 

" your going like that are you?" i laughed at him

" its warm! " he smiled

we headed out into the cold night. 

" so do you want to hangout tomorrow night? just me & you? " Harry asked with me limping next to him. i shouldnt be walking on my leg, but im hungry! 

" i'd love that Harry." i smiled.

Oh god.. i think im falling for my bestfriend. hard..

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