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Hi my name is ashley houston you know the famous singer whos dad made her take a break from her career for 5 months And live with the five boys from one direction now those 5 months were the best and worst of my life but if someone told me that i would be singing my heart out to the love of my life on his wedding d i would send them to a mental hospital but what do you know here i am......


2. Meeting the rest of the boys

When we got to the bottom of the steps he let go of my hand snd skipped into the living room leaving me cracking up on the staircase then harry rolled his eyes and dragged me into the living room " boys ashley , ashley boys " he said with a grin " hello i'm liam and i'm just gonna say sorry for all the pain humiliation and the pranks they pull on you in advance" i could've sworn he was being sarcastic but by the look on his face he wasnt next a darker boy who i recognized as zayn malik stood up and said " hello i'm zayn one of the only sane ones around here" with a chuckle and as i looked to the last boy louis i think it was had his head down his eyes were dark blue which meant he was upset i could tell because in all their pictures his eyes were bright and happy " louis " he muttered his throat hoarse then he muttered " excuse me " and got up and ran up the stairs  '' whats wrong with him ?'' i asked i mean i didn't think any of the boys would be this upset to meet me '' oh he probably got in a fight with his girlfriend christie again '' niall said with discust in his voice at her name '' what wrong with her '' i asked i mean if im gonna be here for a while i want to know all the details '' shes horrible '' zayn piped in '' she actually is'' added liam '' i mean she dresses you know kinda slutty and she is really demanding and she makes louis do everything for her but hes under her spell so he doesnt see it '' i suddenly really want to meet this chick to see if shes as bad as they say she is '' well guys its getting kind of late and i had a long day so im gonna go to bed if thats okay'' i said truthfully '' yeah of course well see you tomorrow sleepy head'' said harry with a grin with that i walked upstairs only to run into louis '' oh i'm sorry ashley not just about running into you but about earlier too '' he said i looked up at him noticing he was about 2 inches taller than me '' oh its fine really but theres something bugging you i can tell '' i replied hoping for answers he sighed then took a deep breath '' your right its my girlfriend christie we got in a fight today '' he said pained i could tell he was truely upset about this fight '' do you want to talk about it '' i asked him '' its good to let it out '' '' yeah that would be nice do you want to talk in my room ? '' he asked '' yeah sure lets go '' i replied before he led me to his room when he opened the door i saw there were pictures every where him with the boys ,the fans , a bunch of girls who were probably his sisters, and about 50 pictures of him with this bleach blond haired blue eyed and tan skined girl most likely from california in every picture she was faking smiles while he looked happy but a hint of miserableness in his eyes '' thats christie '' he said pointing to the blond figures i thought '' okay so what happened '' i finally asked him he then took a deep breath and started to explain '' well you see we were on a date and we just got done shopping-'' he said before i interupted him '' wait you didnt come home with any shopping bags though'' i said curiously '' oh well we were shopping for her not me '' he replied '' okay continue'' i said '' okay so we just got done shopping when i told her i was hungry and we should go somewhere to eat so she sighed and said okay so then we went to mcdonalds where i got a mcnugget meal and she was about to order a salad  when i told the cashier that shed have a big mac not wanting to be imberassed in public she smiled and kindly asked if we could have it to go so then the cashier put it in a bag and when we got in the car she started yelling at me '' he paused stopping for air before starting again '' so she yelled at me saying i was an inconsiderate jerk because i ordered her a big mac and when i told her i did it cause she had to get some fat in her as  joke she freaked out and started telling me that if i pulled another stunt like that ill regret it so then i took her home and she stormed up to her door and slammed it '' he finished looking relived '' it felt good to get that out '' he said with a smile i looked at him studying his every movement it looked like he wanted to just forget about this '' you need to get this off your mind meet me down stairs at 11 im taking you somewhere oh and try to look decent'' i smiled getting up and walking to my room if this doesnt get christie off his mind i dont think anything will




hey guys im not using elanor because i love her to much to make her the bad guy :)

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