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Hi my name is ashley houston you know the famous singer whos dad made her take a break from her career for 5 months And live with the five boys from one direction now those 5 months were the best and worst of my life but if someone told me that i would be singing my heart out to the love of my life on his wedding d i would send them to a mental hospital but what do you know here i am......


1. How it all began

5 months ago.

"hello im ashley you must be niall" i smiled to the irish boy standing in front of me " yupp nice to meet you i hope we become good friends considering youll be living with us fir the next few months" he laughed opening the door to the flat for me "yeah five months so wheres everyone else " i asked "oh they're in the studio i was told to stay here and greet you " said niall with joy in his voice " okay well i guess its just me and you then so umm do you know where my room is" i asked feeling kinda awkward " oh umm yeah here let me take you bags and follow me" he said grabbing my bags and tsking them through the family room and up the stairs "so your room is the one with the pink door" niall said " mines right next to yours on the left with the green door on the right if louis' room with the red door across from you is liams room with the purple door zayn has the room with the blue door and harry has the orange" he said pointing to each one of the doors " oh and all the white doors are bathrooms" he added " okay thanks well im gonna unpack and ill come down when im done" i smiled " okay well see you in a few" niall said before walking down the stairs here it goes i thought as i opened the door when i walked into the room i was amazed The room was huge ! It had a mini fridge that was paint splattered a queen sized bed with a blue ruffely comforter with matching pillows the carpet was black and fuzzy and the closet had two huge mirrors as doors with golden handles when you opened it there was a tiny light and enough space to fit about a fith of my things but im not complaining the rest of the room was great after i packed all of my stuff in the closet that would fit and plugged my iphone dock in i opened my door the same exact time as the boy with the orange door i racked my brain trying to remember who it was harry! " hello im ashley you must be harry " i smiled sticking my hand out to shake his "yes harrys my name so do you like your room louis and i designed it ourselves " he said with a grin shaking my hand " yes i love it its amazing " i replied sincerely " okay good so lets go meet the other boys shall we ?" he asked " we shall " i giggled tsking his hand which he outstreched fof me to grab as he led me down the staires

An: he guys please tell me if its good or not this is my first fan fic
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