When There Was Me and You

This story is about 23 year old Selena, who used to go out with Harry Styles. Eventually down the line Taylor Swift comes into the picture leaving Selena out completely with 2 year old Darcy. Read to find out what happens!


1. Where It all Began.........


~~~~~~~~~~~Selena's POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Her she was the one who ruined us. Hi, my names Selena I’m 23 and I used to be together with him until she ruined it. You may be wondering who I’m referring to when I say her I mean Taylor yes Taylor Swift multi-platinum Grammy winning artist ,and when I say him I mean Harry, Harry Styles he used to be my everything until that one day when he barely slipped from my reach. Well I should probably tell you about myself. I’m 23 years old, I have a 2 year old daughter Darcy, and I currently live in London, England.


"I'm gonna get you" Harry cooed as he chased little 1.5 year old Darcy. She had just learned how to walk at this point and I was beyond proud. "Ding Dong" the door bell rang. "I'll get it." I sighed as I set my laptop down on the coffee table. "Hello, I'm here to see Harry." I mentally face palmed Harry's Ex Taylor camel toe Swift was standing in front of me. "Hes busy can I take a message?" I asked. "No, I need to talk to Harry.", "He is not interested in you any more so can you leave?" I asked practically yelling at her.


"Babe why are you yel- Oh Hi Taylor." he said obviously annoyed. "Your little slut here won't let me talk you" she just glared at me. "I'm gonna go play with Darc. Have fun talking." I said as an excuse to get out of there. I heard LOTS of yelling and I did hear Taylor say "Why are you even with her is it because you got her pregnant?" I have to admit her saying that hurt. Then I heard the door slam and an angry Harry walking upstairs. "You ok Haz?" "No, why does she have to be that way?" he asked while tears were forming in his eyes. Darcy came up and hugged his head because we were on the floor which surprisingly made him smile a bit . Just then he got a call. "I have to take this" he said and left the room. About and minuet later he came back and left to go to a meeting.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Normal Time~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It's been about a year and a half since Harry dumped me to go back to Taylor. Apparently management said it was that or the band and every one knows his first priority is the band, so he left us alone without anybody besides El, Perrie, and The Boys. But of course now I have more friends, and may I add me and Liam have started going out and let me tell you Harry is not happy with it at all. Hes just annoyed because he is stuck with Taylor or at least till management wants to get rid of her.


A/N: Hey guys this sucks but I have lots of free time so I'm writing this. Plus this will be my first actual attempt at writing an fanfic. So Enjoy-Selena xx

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