Marry Harry? (final book of series)

CristIn is back! Harry proposed yo her, yet she doesnt know what to say. She thinks that they are too young! She just turned 19. Harry thinks that you are never too young to get married. But Cristin thinks dirfferently. What will she say? How will harry react? Many questions might be swarming in your mind, so if you want to learn more, find out in, Marry Harry?


25. Work! Please


 *1hr later*

 I fell asleep on Harrys shoulder, waking up in a hospital. I want Talia to be okay. The doc came in. "I have good news and bad news about Talia!" "Good news first!" Harry shot out. "Good news is Talia has a 25% chance in living!" "Bad news doc?" "She has a 75% chance in leaving this world at an early age." I started crying. "YOU BETTER SAVE MY BABY!!" I screamed. "She will be okay. I hope so." Harry said calmly. "Why are you taking everything so calmly Harry?" "Its a trick my mum taught me. If you are calm most of the time, good things will happen." "Smart." 



  ***9 hrs later! HARRYS POV***

 The doc returns with a small figure in his hand. "Cris wake up." I said. "Im up hun."  "Hey you are Talia parents right?" the doctor asked. "Yes we are." I replied. "Uhm." doc cleared his throat. "Talia, didnt make it. Im so sorry." "NOO!!" I screamed. Cristin started crying her eyes out. "I want her back! I WANT MY BABY BACK!!" Cristin screamed. "We will bury her tomorrow." the doctor said. "Thanks for trying doctor." I said. And with that, we went home.

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