Marry Harry? (final book of series)

CristIn is back! Harry proposed yo her, yet she doesnt know what to say. She thinks that they are too young! She just turned 19. Harry thinks that you are never too young to get married. But Cristin thinks dirfferently. What will she say? How will harry react? Many questions might be swarming in your mind, so if you want to learn more, find out in, Marry Harry?


15. Sex with Liam pt2

*****still Marissas point of view*****

'How did you like the sex? Now give me my best friend back!' Harry texted me. 'I cant! I love him and he loves me! He changed my heart. Im my old, nice self again. Can we be friends again, Harry?' I texted him back. 'oh. sure. Friends again.' 'Thanks Harry!' "Hey sexy." Liam woke up. I ran into my closet. I grabbed my robe and put it on. I hurried into the bathroom. I puked. But not a sick puke. The other kind. Oh no!! I might be pregnant! "LIAM!!" Liam rushed into the bathroom. I told him the story. "Should I tell the boys Liam?" I asked. "No, but I will." He replied. He texted them and the freaked out on him. Harry called me a slut. He said sluts have sex constantly. I had sex with Liam. Oh no. This might mean that Liam is my "I do t know if Im really pregnant baby's" father. Oh god! Liam better prepose to me. Good thing he did last night!!! We got married at midnight, so technically, we are married!! Yes! Now it isnt bad that he is gunna father a child! I went to get the pregnancy test, they were all positive. Im gonna have a baby. Marissa Coldstone Payne is gonna have a baby! AHH!
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