Marry Harry? (final book of series)

CristIn is back! Harry proposed yo her, yet she doesnt know what to say. She thinks that they are too young! She just turned 19. Harry thinks that you are never too young to get married. But Cristin thinks dirfferently. What will she say? How will harry react? Many questions might be swarming in your mind, so if you want to learn more, find out in, Marry Harry?


8. Make things right! (Harrys point of view)

*****Harrys point of view*****

I want to make things right between me and Cristin. She is my love. My one and only love. I would die for my love. But she thinks that I hate her now. Or at least, I think she hates me now. I wanna set things right! I love her, and I will never let her go.

She is sitting on the doorstep. I have a chance to get her before she leaves! I ran to my backdoor, and walked outside. I ran to the sideyard of my house. Then I jogged around front. I stopped in front of Cristin. "Yes? How may I help you?" she asked kindly, with tears streaming down her face. "I wish I could turn back time, for one more day. We should only be together Cristin." I started. "Ya know I'll be your life your love yourr reason to be, my love my heart is reaching for this, moments in time, I'll find the words to sayyyyy. Before you leave me today. You shut the door, Shall I go on?" I continued.

She started to smile. "Now I know you still love me!" she squealed with joy. I wiped away her tears, and she giggled. I love her.
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