Marry Harry? (final book of series)

CristIn is back! Harry proposed yo her, yet she doesnt know what to say. She thinks that they are too young! She just turned 19. Harry thinks that you are never too young to get married. But Cristin thinks dirfferently. What will she say? How will harry react? Many questions might be swarming in your mind, so if you want to learn more, find out in, Marry Harry?


5. Little Things

I have little things. Like everyone. We all are different, and we all have our flaws. We have little things, and thats what makes us beautiful.

My little things are odd. I eat in my sleep, I drool, I sleep talk, I cant go to bed without a cup of cocoa(coinsedence? i think not!), and worst if all, I eat, with my face!(no spoons, nor forks and knives, no nothing! Unless Im out to eat, or have company over). Harry accelts my little things. And i know he does because he told me.

All of the boys make me happy. They are my rocks. Harry and I can lean on them for help. They are always there.
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