Marry Harry? (final book of series)

CristIn is back! Harry proposed yo her, yet she doesnt know what to say. She thinks that they are too young! She just turned 19. Harry thinks that you are never too young to get married. But Cristin thinks dirfferently. What will she say? How will harry react? Many questions might be swarming in your mind, so if you want to learn more, find out in, Marry Harry?


20. Get up!

*****Harrys POV*****

I woke up with tears on my sweatshirt. "What? Am? I? Doing? On? A? Stretcher?!" i paused between each line. What is going on? The last thing I remember was me on stage with the boys singing Magic. Then everything got blurry, then I hit the ground. Hard. Now Im wet with tears. Carson was crying in a corner with his little friends. I cant quite remember their names. i cant quite remember anything of tonight.

"Harry! WAKE UUUPPP!" I heard Cristin's shaky voice cry. "Pleeeassee! Upp!!" she started crying really hard. Eleanor, Perrie, Marissa and Maria were cherring her up and comforting her. "Im okay. Really. No need to worry." I said shakily. "Harry. We cut the tour short. Out final stop is Dublin, then we'll finish the world. At another time."Liam said. "Ya, and we dont want to pressure you, and make you work too hard. Just do the best you can, and thats all that matters." Zayn comforted. "If you need anything, foodwise, im your man. Anytime just call me." Niall stated. "Haz, we will always be there for you, an you know that. No need to strees when we're around." Louis said. "Love you guys." I said to everyone.

I jumped off the stretcher. "Boys, we have a concert to save." I said. We walked onto stage, and people were leaving. "We are done! The concert, the fans! All gone!" Liam cried. "No," Cristin and the girls said. They walked onto stage. "Dont give up now. We know how to draw a crowd." The 5 girls took our mics. "Dont give up noowww. We got the CROWDDD to saavee!" Perrie sang into the mic. "We got the wooorrllddd tourr to savveee." Maria sang. "Just scream it loud you know you can do itt! Yeaahh. JUST SCREAM IT LOOUDDD YEAH YOU CAN MAKE ITTT!!" Cristin sang. I cant believe it! their beautiful singing voices are drawing a crowd!! "You cant stop trying now. We can do it! Yeaah! 1D! We brigin the crowd shoutin it out ooooohhhhhh yeaahh!" Marissa sang. "JUST. DONT. STOP. NOWWW!! Aye! Aye! Aye! Bring the crowd now! Aye! Aye! Aye! Shout it loud not! OH!" Eleanor finished. They drew the whole crowd back! Woah. The crowd was nuts for them. "Thats how ya draw a crowd." They said. "GIRL DIRECTION IN THE ARENAA!" The boys look stunned. I ran up to Cristin. "I love you. Thanks for being you." I said
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